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mobile payment apps

10 Startup Mobile Payment Apps That Can Obliterate Banks

Technology is a double-edged sword for banks. Before the internet, traditional industries made consumption time consuming, expensive, and sometimes inaccessible. Startups come as a relief to the traditional banking sector by improving the quality or financial services and cutting down costs. FinTech companies using a niche strategy are taking over various areas of the financial sector from traditional banking to payments to money transfer and investments. They came as the world’s innovations and a breath of fresh air to consumers, but giant banks feel they are under attack. Startup Mobile Payment Apps are slowly threatening to kill giant banks and their […]

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facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger for Businesses: What’s in it for you?

Social networks have evolved rapidly over the last few years. Previously, tools like Myspace were mainly used for messages and sharing pictures with friends; which was the social aspect of social networking platforms. Facebook took over and sharing of cat videos became a popular pastime. Today, companies use the same Facebook Messenger to interact with customers. The way corporate and customer relationships are handled has changed, and it looks like Facebook Messenger is about to outline the next wave of change. Facebook is the number one social channel, and it is likely to be the first line of contact for […]

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