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10 Best Apps for Companies to Manage Content

Every company is looking to increase its efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. One common topic that has been in current discussions is the ability of an enterprise to manage content aimed at different audiences across the ever-growing channels. Information is part of the big content quotation and the potential for insights and intelligence dramatically expands when content is augmented and enhanced with public content leading to content explosion. Since the time, Google started valuing good content for SEO, companies, and web sites spin-off tons of new content every day. Some of it is useful, most of the content is just to […]

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twitter support

5 Software That Call Centers Use for Twitter Support

Call Centers Use for Twitter Support: Most businesses today are striving to improve processes, deliver better services, improve customer satisfaction and provide a better customer experience. When it comes to customer service and support, response time is very critical. Customers today are looking for instant gratification, and they expect errors and concerns addressed rapidly and sufficiently across multiple channels. The evolution of help desk software today goes beyond features: Companies have realized that an angry customer may want to vent in public and, as a result, the developers are coming up with increasingly multichannel help desk software making flagging and […]

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Misunderstanding of Technology = Increased Call Center Costs

Customer resource management requires the ability to obtain and maintain customer relationships. With the necessary hardware upgrade requirements, the challenges of dealing with multi-channel access and rapidly changing technology one misstep can lead to expensive repercussions. In-house and call center services costs need to be viewed in perspective of effective technological strategies. Misplaced Blame If your call center isn’t producing forecasted results or costs are shooting up, it may not be the fault of management or your employees. Often the issue is with outdated technology or the inability of personnel to access the necessary information. If your company invests in […]

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Integrating ACD And CRM: 5 Proven Benefits

Designed to manage the flow of incoming calls and outgoing interactions, modern call center systems integrate an ACD & CRM in a single solution. What benefits do customers want from inbound call centers? If you said they want highly personalized service, you’d be right. They want to contact you how they want and when they want. They want issues resolved quickly and efficiently—preferably on the first call. And they want to deal with knowledgeable agents who know their call history. In short, they want you to deliver high-valued customer experience. If they don’t get it, they’ll bolt—without hesitation. To stay […]

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