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Employee Engagement

Using Technology To Drive Employee Engagement

The writing is on the wall: Technology drives employee engagement. And leading the way is BYOD—bring your own device to work. Here are some interesting stats about BYOD: 81% of employees use at least one personal technology tool on the job 30% of these employees admit they would disobey a policy banning the use of their own devices at work 69% of the employees are interested in BYOA where employees create/use their own custom apps at work Yet 60% of today’s employers do not support BYOD—many because they believe it puts their businesses at risk. Meanwhile, only 10% of companies […]

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enterprise mobility

How To Choose An Enterprise Mobility Platform

Enterprise Mobility is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. Converting key services to rich mobile customer experiences is a must these days if you want to survive. Going mobile benefits everyone—especially customers. It increases productivity, enhances connectivity, and improves customer services. These benefits all help boost customer satisfaction. But you can’t always use your existing web delivery platform to do it. It may work for simplistic mobile scenarios. But won’t work for delivering sophisticated customer experiences. To create a rich mobile customer experience, you need a robust enterprise mobility platform—one that’s ideally suited to your company. Choosing An Enterprise […]

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leveraging big data

5 Ways Your Competitors Are Leveraging Big Data

Are you leveraging Big Data? If you’re not, you’re missing a golden opportunity to boost customer service and outsourced call center performance. More important, you’re missing a golden opportunity to boost customer satisfaction—not to mention what it can do for your revenues. Big Data isn’t another fad. It’s here to stay. And thanks to advancements in technology, the data just keeps pouring in. Make no mistake about it, this data is a business asset—one that can significantly boost competitiveness. But you have to take Big Data seriously to leverage it. Many managers aren’t. In fact, less than 10% of today’s […]

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Help Desk Software

4 Considerations When Buying Help Desk Software

Help desk software is the lifeblood of a contact center. It’s a powerful customer service tool that can help boost revenues. Properly implemented, it can dramatically improve contact center operations, increase FCR rates, and boost customer satisfaction. On a more granular level, help desk software: Minimizes employee work lags for unsolved tech issues Automates issue triaging, escalation, and prioritization Reduces manpower costs through self service Identifies and addresses recurring issues Provides transparency into every service request With so much riding on this tool, you can’t afford to saddle yourself with the wrong help desk software solution. So if you’re considering […]

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