ConnectWise Security: Protecting Your Business From Cyber Threats

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Are you looking to offer cybersecurity services as an MSP? One that can help protect critical client assets while reducing costs?

If yes, the Cybersecurity Management service by ConnectWise can be of help. The company offers quick launch services that can help you build or expand your cybersecurity practice.

Clients can choose to outsource their security needs, or you could offer them customized solutions depending on their existing IT service desk expertise.

Let us explore the cybersecurity offering by ConnectWise in detail.

What Services Does Connectwise Cybersecurity Management Offer?

The ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management includes a suite of services like 24/7 monitoring, remediation, risk assessment, and policy management.

Here are some of the security services on offer.

1. Endpoint Detection and Response

Business stakeholders use desktops, laptops, and other mobile devices to connect to the organization’s network. Hackers can target these entry or endpoints to gain unauthorized access. From here on, they can launch attacks to go after business data.

Endpoint security protects these devices from malicious attacks. Traditional practices like installing antivirus on all devices have since evolved to include advanced identification and remediation.

ConnectWise can help protect businesses with its services, like the use of next-generation malware detection capability, EDR tools that automatically initiate remediation steps, and a 24/7 security team.

They also use behavioral AI to monitor processes and identify any suspicious behavior.

2. Security Info and Event Management (SIEM)

Threat detection can be a challenge with distributed systems. Every system generates reams of log data. For businesses to make sense of such a massive amount of data, centralization is a must.

SIEM makes detection possible by providing visibility over the entire infrastructure. In addition, it streamlines security measures across the organization’s network.

With ConnectWise’s SIEM services, you can help clients meet regulatory and compliance requirements, deal with security data, and advanced threat detection with data analytics.

3. Risk Assessment and Dark Web Monitoring

Cybersecurity goes beyond active monitoring and threat detection. You need to proactively check for risks and vulnerabilities in your system. You can then accordingly consider remediation measures to reduce the attack surface area.

With Connectwise Risk Assessment, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your client’s infrastructure to understand cyber exposure. You can share findings in easy-to-understand pre-build report format and suggest remediation steps.

You can take proactive security one step further with ConnectWise Vulnerability Management. You can automate routine scans of your client’s systems and update security measures to protect against new threats.

4. Integrated SOC

As SMBs investing in an in-house team of cybersecurity experts may not always be a feasible option. Monitoring the system and responding to alerts while working on other security updates and policies can be a task for any security team.

You can, though, help your clients overcome this challenge with ConnectWise SOC services. You can have experts work on threat detection and remediation 24/7, 365 days a year.

The SOC team includes certified security professionals, analysts, threat hunters, and researchers. So, if your client has a security team in place, ConnectWise can help fill in the gaps with its personalized consulting services.

5. Security Policy Management

Security policies define how you protect your assets on an organization-wide scale. They include the security measures on your systems and expected user behavior. It helps get all stakeholders on the same page about handling assets like data.

With ConnectWise Endpoint Policy Management, you can scan your client’s environment to identify gaps and accordingly suggest a security strategy.

You can help clients meet compliance and regulatory guidelines and create customized security profiles.

6. Incident Response Service

In the event of a cybersecurity attack, quick action is needed from the affected party. If your client’s team is too slow in responding to a security alert, the extent of damage could be significantly greater.

Organizations need a security team that can offer real-time management, guidance, and remediation services. And this is exactly what the ConnectWise Incident Response Service offers.

Your client can have 24/7/365 access to cybersecurity experts, a formal analysis with improvement suggestions, and a 30-day monitoring period post the security incident.

7. Cloud App Security

If we consider the global cloud infrastructure services, Microsoft is the second largest player in the market. According to Statista, in the fourth quarter of 2022, Microsoft dominates with a 23% market share.

The popularity of Microsoft SaaS services also translates to increased attention from hackers.

ConnectWise offers a comprehensive monitoring and investigation solution for Microsoft SaaS services. You can secure Microsoft apps like 365, Azure AD, and OneDrive and data in cloud environments.

In addition, you can use Perch-based dashboards and threat detection capabilities to better understand alerts and analyze them in real-time.

8. Identity Management

Stolen user credentials are one of the major causes of web application attacks. Thus having an identity access management strategy in place is critical for protecting business assets.

It can offer other benefits like streamlining workload, regulatory compliance, improved data management, and security.

ConnectWise + Evo offers Identity Management that lets your client validate user access in a secure and quick manner. You can further help clients improve security with single sign-on authentication.

9. Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Digital transformation has paved the way for businesses to collaborate with remote workers and reach out to customers worldwide. But this also means organizations need to upgrade their security model to provide a safe and consistent user experience.

ConnectWise + Exum offers SASE with which you can offer clients zero trust secure access regardless of their location or device.

It can offer benefits like quick deployment, complete visibility, centralized threat control, reduced complexity, and cost.


The monitoring, response, and proactive cybersecurity services mentioned above can help protect your client’s assets 24/7, 365 days a year.

If you are interested in building a cybersecurity practice, ConnectWise can help you along the way. You can join the company’s partner program. Then you can receive exclusive access to marketing and sales resources.

You can talk to their cybersecurity expert, opt for a free product trial or watch on-demand demos.

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