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Value Leakage

Stop Value Leakage In Call Center Contracts

Call centers are the front lines of businesses. They drive customer satisfaction. That’s why organizations that deploy call center activities have to get the most value from their service provider contracts. But doing that is a major challenge. In fact, studies indicate that you can lose anywhere from 40% to 70% of the value of a contract over its life. That’s a big value leakage from a contract as important as this. So if you’re leaking value from your contact, you need to plug the leaks now. Fortunately, strategies exist to help you do that cost-effectively. Doing so provides a […]

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7 Top Outsourcing Mistakes

7 Top Outsourcing Mistakes – Here are two ominous statistics if you’re planning to outsource tech support: IT projects are 20 times more likely to fail than other types of projects. One in six IT projects has cost over runs of 200% These two findings come from a 2011 Oxford University research project Admittedly, these findings are a bit dated. But they still stop you in your tracks. IT project failures not only cost you billions. They can end the careers of managers—or at least place black marks on them. And like all managers, you’d like to keep your job. […]

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