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7 Top Outsourcing Mistakes

7 Top Outsourcing Mistakes – Here are two ominous statistics if you’re planning to outsource tech support: IT projects are 20 times more likely to fail than other types of projects. One in six IT projects has cost over runs of 200% These two findings come from a 2011 Oxford University research project Admittedly, these findings are a bit dated. But they still stop you in your tracks. IT project failures not only cost you billions. They can end the careers of managers—or at least place black marks on them. And like all managers, you’d like to keep your job. […]

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Email Support Outsourcing

Email Support Outsourcing To India

Most companies now realize the importance of Email support outsourcing as these have become an integral part of every business. Email support services help the customers to be in touch with you. It allows businesses to get a real feedback from the ‘actual’ users of the product and it keeps the clients informed about the company’s new products, launches and various promotional schemes. Basically it helps in the “crucial dissipation of information” about your businesses and products and increases the company’s outreach! More and more U.S and U.K companies are now going in for email support outsourcing to countries like […]

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