Growth Hacking Call Center Secrets

Call Center Secrets

Do you want to know a way to increase your return on investment and expand your business? Encourage your customers to complain more. These are call center secrets. When you increase the number of people who contact your call center with complaints, you can increase repurchase rates, revenue and decrease customer churn.

Satisfaction Is Necessary

In order for your company to be successful, you need to satisfy your customer. That is the number one call center secret.  However, it is impossible for you to satisfy your customer if you don’t realize there is a problem. But when two-thirds of your customers don’t complain when they have an issue, how can you improve customer satisfaction?

That means you have to do what most companies dread: actively seek to increase the number of complaints your call center receives. When you do that, you have the ability to increase your call resolution, create loyal customers, and grow your business.

Show Me the Numbers

There is statistical evidence that shows how you can grow to hack your call center by increasing the number of complaints calls.

  • 90% repurchasing rate: if you satisfy even 50% more complaint calls you can achieve a 90% repurchasing rate
  • 75% repurchasing rate: if three-quarters of your customers don’t call you when they are dissatisfied, your repurchase rate is only 75%
  • 25% Increase Equals 50% Decrease: If you increase customer satisfaction by only 25% you can see a decrease in revenue risk by 50%
  • Thousands in Call Center Charges Equals Millions of Revenue: If you handle 20,000 customer calls in a year, you may have a hundred thousand dollars in call center charges. The revenue you receive can reach up to the millions between new customers and existing customers

Therefore, the numbers are there, but why don’t customers complain in the first place? And how can you encourage them to contact your company when you have a problem?

Why Customers Don’t Complain

There are three main reasons why customers don’t complain. The first reason is that the person thinks it is too hard to file a complaint. They think there may be a complicated form to fill out or they will have to call several different people to file their grievance.

The second reason why people don’t complain is that they assume the company doesn’t care. The idea that businesses are out to hurt consumers isn’t new, and some companies have given their industry a bad name. Finally, customers don’t let companies know when they have a complaint because they believe there will be reprisals. So, call center secrets can reveal how customers should be tackled.

Overcoming Obstacles

Your company depends on the goodwill of your market. This means that you have to overcome any misconceptions consumers have and prove to them that you care about their business. The first step to take is to make the complaint process easy which is one of the important call center secrets.

Call center service providers may charge on a per-call basis. But there are more ways to handle customer service issues than just via incoming calls. You can use social media, smartphone apps, or customer support forums. You combine multiple customer service channels you can increase the number of complaints you can handle without increasing the number of calls you receive.

In addition, you need to promote the fact that you care about customers and you won’t seek retribution if they complain. Create a social media campaign promoting how you have resolved major customer issues, or publicize case studies with the top five problems customers have had with your products and how you helped them.

Improving your products and services will help you increase your competitive advantage. In order for you to make improvements, you need to understand what your customers like and don’t like about your offerings. Encouraging customers who have complaints to contact you may seem like a bad thing, but it is a growth hacking strategy many companies don’t take advantage of. Separate yourself from your competitors by encouraging your customers to complain more in 2015.

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