Inbound Call Center Myths Hurt Your Rates Per Customer

Call Center Myths

Did you know that the four top customer service myths are hurting your inbound call center myths per customer? If you want to be able to increase profits and decrease costs in 2015, you need to stop believing in these customer service misconceptions.

4 Top Call Center Myths

Call Center Myths 1: Fewer Calls Mean More Money

Companies often think that if their customer service department is receiving fewer calls they are making more money. The belief is that the decreased volume means less cost per call and that sales will increase due to customer satisfaction.

The truth is that fewer calls to your inbound call center may indicate your business is losing money. One reason for this may be that dissatisfied customers do not even want or attempt to contact you. That doesn’t mean they aren’t complaining, it just means they aren’t complaining to you.

Call Center Myths 2: Unhappy Customers Contact You

If someone is unhappy with your product or service, they will let you know, right? Wrong. In fact, over 90% of customers don’t complain to the company. They think it’s too hard to complain or that the company won’t care. I read an interesting take on this subject is here.

Moreover, those who do complain may not contact your call center every time they have a problem. Only a quarter of customers who complain do so only once, even if they have more than one problem. Customers who don’t complain or complain only once are still unhappy with your organization. They will tell their friends, family, and social media followers about their awful experiences. You receive the backlash of a dissatisfied customer without the ability to make things right.

Call Center Myths 3: If Customers Complain More You Lose Money

As a business owner, you may feel as though you are stuck in an impossible situation. If your customers don’t complain to you then you lose customers; however, if more customers call and complain you will lose money handling the problems.

The truth is that if more customers call your inbound call center with complaints, you could have a potential opportunity to increase your return on investment by as much as 300%. Customers complaint is a window to understand buyer’s needs, figure-out where you have gone wrong, improve your products or services they are expecting. You will receive more sales and an increase in customer loyalty, which will contribute to your bottom-lines. In addition, not all dissatisfied customers will demand a refund or a discount on their next order. Some people will only need an explanation regarding a charge on their bill or why a product is performing a specific way.

Call Center Myths 4: You Can Replace Lost Customers

You may try to console yourself by believing you can replace customers you have lost. The truth is the negative reputation created by dissatisfied customers may make finding new ones difficult. And even if you do gain new customers, it will be at a greater cost. It costs you more to gain a new customer than to keep an existing one, in fact, it will cost you five times more.

Mollifying an unhappy customer will increase the chance of them buying from you again in the future. Instead of ranting about how bad your company is, the individual will tell people how you made things right. You gain an increase in sales and your reputation by doing what you can to keep your existing customers happy.

These four customer service myths are hurting your revenue, your reputation, and your competitive advantage. You created your inbound call center in order to help your customers with questions or problems they have with your products. If you want customers to take advantage of this service, you need to embrace the idea that handling complaints is more beneficial than ignoring them.

Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to customer service. Just because customers aren’t calling you with complaints, this doesn’t mean that you have achieved customer satisfaction. Optimize your inbound call center myths by making it the vehicle for your customers to communicate with your business.

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