6 Steps to Hire Star Employee for Your Call Center

Star Employee

When you are seeking to create a top call center, you need the right star employee. Interviewing candidates for open agent positions can be difficult. If you use these six steps, however, you will be able to find star employees for your call center.

Keyword Screening

The right agents will know and use call center buzzwords. This will help you sort through the hundreds of applications you will receive when you post an open position. When you have narrowed the applicants down to a more reasonable number, you can then go through the applications individually to find other key indicators that a candidate is a call center superstar.

Personalized Cover Letters

Another sign that a candidate may have the qualities you need will be in the details of their cover letter. Applicants that are applying to multiple positions at once in the hope of finding a job will utilize a cover letter template without regard to the needs of your position. A candidate who is qualified for the job and seeks employment with your company will take the time to personalize their cover letter.

A personalized cover letter will include information on how their experience and skills fit your open position. The candidate will also have done research on your company and offer specific information relevant to your company. This willingness to offer detail-oriented background will help you determine if the candidate fits your company culture.

Stellar Background

A star employee will not only have call center experience but he or she will also exceed the expectations of every organization where they worked. Motivation is a key requirement to creating a team that will do what it takes to satisfy the needs of your customers. Employees who are driven will also be able to work independently or take the lead when necessary.

Star Employee Has Caring Personality

Customers want to know they are being heard and that the company cares about the people in their market. This requires an agent who is empathetic to others and wants the customer to understand that the agent is there to help. Two-thirds of incoming calls will be resolved just by an agent’s willingness to listen to the customer. You need to be able to read an applicant’s resume and cover letter and understand that the individual has a caring personality.

Star Employee Has the Willingness to Learn

A company needs to be able to adapt to a market and technological advancements. This requires employees who are willing to learn and grow in their position. When you review a candidate’s resume, look for proof that the individual has made an effort to develop new skills. This can be either class the candidate has taken, a training course at a company where the individual worked, or the fact that the candidate helped to implement new strategies in a previous position. The ability to improvise, overcome and adapt will help your call center do the same in order to service customers.

Asking Questions

When it comes to the interview process, asking questions is a two-way street. Nothing makes a manager more uncomfortable than when they ask a candidate if they have any questions and there is only silence. A star employee will be one who comes to an interview with a prepared list of questions. In addition, these questions shouldn’t center on salary, benefits, or what the company can do for the candidate. The questions should be centered on aspects of the company and how the call center operates so that the candidate can better understand what would be expected of them.

When you are looking to hire a star employee, you need to create a screening process that will eliminate candidates that don’t suit your needs. A keyword search of initial applications will help significantly reduce the number of applicants. Perusing a cover letter to make sure it is personalized for your position and company will help you remove candidates who are just looking for a job. Looking for signs that the applicant is motivated, caring, and seeks growth opportunities will help you find driven and intelligent candidates. People with the right background and who are willing to ask questions will help you finalize your applicant list and hire a star employee for your call center.

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