Misunderstanding of Technology = Increased Call Center Costs


Customer resource management requires the ability to obtain and maintain customer relationships. With the necessary hardware upgrade requirements, the challenges of dealing with multi-channel access and rapidly changing technology one misstep can lead to expensive repercussions. In-house and call center services costs need to be viewed from the perspective of effective technological strategies.

Misplaced Blame

If your call center isn’t producing forecasted results or costs are shooting up, it may not be the fault of management or your employees. Often the issue is with outdated technology or the inability of personnel to access the necessary information. If your company invests in the right hardware, cloud technology, and proper training, your call center would be able to improve its efficiency.

If you run a small business, the same call center agents may need to alternate between handling incoming calls, email messages and replying to customer concerns on social media sites. Many individuals aren’t able to handle this type of multi-tasking and, if they are also dealing with outdated software, they may not be able to keep up with the volume of customer service issues.

Technology Is A Necessity

When looking to allocate meager resources, many small businesses try to cut costs by purchasing minimal hardware and software to handle business processes. However, in today’s fast-paced, demanding customer world it isn’t possible to get by on minimal requirements. Investing in better quality today will help your company take care of customers now and handle the increased volume that will come when your organization grows.

CRM Is Multi-Channel

CRM software allows organizations to include multi-channel customer support. This will provide agents with the information they need when they are speaking with a customer. Real-time data will also allow employees to see information gathered from another employee almost instantaneously. Accurate information allows the agent to resolve more customer issues on the first call.

This ability to satisfy customers doesn’t solve all of your CRM needs. You still need to be able to have staff that is able to handle communicating with customers across multiple channels.

Not Enough Hands

Call volumes vary and so do communications via email, social media, and online portals. However, when your company receives a high volume of customer contacts, can your agents switch from one medium to another fluently?

It isn’t always easy to schedule staff to support flexible customer intake volume. One solution is to hire a call center service to help with the overflow.

Not All Are Equal

A call center service can be an efficient way to help manage customer service management. In order to absorb call center service costs, the outsourcing company you work with must be technologically efficient. If the organization uses outdated technology or insufficient hardware, then your company won’t be able to properly service the needs of your customers.

When you compare call center service companies, you need to discover the technology it uses to communicate with customers, and how they share that information with your organization. With the use of cloud CRM and real-time customer updating, your company will be in the same situation as you would be if your organization had inefficient technology.

Vetting call center services is an important part of hiring an outsourcing IT service desk company. The right company will understand your needs and be able to work seamlessly with your customers and your business. The right call center service will also use innovative technology to ensure that it can efficiently communicate across multiple channels with your customers. If your company decides to utilize the call center for some of your customer engagement, then the call center service you choose should be able to send and retrieve the necessary information to ensure excellent customer service.

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