Call Scripts: How it Impacts Customer Success

call scripts how it impacts customer success

Call Scripts: How it impacts Customer Success

Customer service is more complex than it sounds. Though it’s complex, it’s not rocket science, a proper plan & good resources are enough to provide great customer service. One such method involves having call scripts.


You must have heard about scripts used by tele-calling executives and might have pondered over how robotic it sounds. Customer service agents also use such call scripts to make their communication with customers more precise and effective. These scripts aren’t dialogues to be recited by service executives but a mere pilot document. In this article, we will be talking about its benefits for a successful customer service experience and how to have an effective script for a successful customer experience.

Taps Into Relevant Pain-Points

By having a pre-defined script of questions asked by the customers, you can detect which pain-point they are exactly hinting at. This will reduce the time and energy spent in asking n-number of questions to arrive at a problem statement. Hence, an elaborate script that lists the various questions asked by customers will help to craft a to-the-point response.

Helps the agents to direct the customers in the right direction

Whether it’s a call to action/buy or directing them towards a solution for a problem, a good script will assist the agent to direct customers in the right direction. Not all customer service agents will be good persuaders or problem-solvers but a good script along with adequate training will help them to deliver the best service. Dell’s customer service has been applauded time and again for its prompt and effective approach. They usually have standard operational tasks that are predefined which helps them in detecting the problems accurately leading to a fulfilling customer service experience.

Higher responsiveness

Having concise information in one place will help to pull out the relevant data quickly while interacting with the customers. This will reduce the overall time taken to arrive at the probable solution. Even if the customer service is not for complaint redressal but for instigating a call to action, a faster response will lead to a higher conversion rate.

Understanding incoherent problems

You must have heard doctors talking about how most patients can’t articulate the problems accurately. This isn’t the case only in health-care industry, it’s a standard problem across all the other industries as well. Hence, customer service agent must be able to understand the unsaid problems and concerns of the customers. A script that gives an elaborate explanation of various customer replies or questions can help in diagnosing such queries.

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    Know when to involve seniors

    As much as these call scripts need to be kept flexible and the employees need to take the onus in order to provide great customer service, they should also know when to involve the seniors and other experts. A script must have clear indications of when the executive can take ownership of the problem and when they have to get the seniors or experts involved. Such clarity will reduce the hassle and time taken while dealing with complex problems and queries.

    Now that you have read about what a good script does to bring about an overall good customer service experience, let’s have a look at some of the aspects that play an integral part in developing a perfect customer service script.

    Feedback from the front-line

    Your front-line employees are basically your customer service agents. More than often the scripts are either developed by the supervisors or managers or business writers. But no one can make a more valuable contribution than your agents as they have first-hand experience of dealing with customers. Taking feedback must not be an informal activity but a continuous process to incorporate relevant feedback into the script.

    Keep your script flexible

    Have you ever engaged with customer care executives from an outsourced service desk companies and felt limited by their answers? Even worse, have you encountered agents who couldn’t provide responses to your unconventional product queries? It is crucial for the script used by service agents to be flexible, allowing them to cater to the unique demands of customers. Additionally, it is important to train your customer service agents from outsourced service desk companies to be adaptable, rather than simply memorizing the script. Both the script and the agents themselves need to be well-equipped to ensure that customers are not left disappointed.

    Be empathetic

    Your agents must be able to step into your customer’s shoes while interacting with them. It’s our innate nature to accommodate people who understand us and hence, your customers will bear with you, in case the service is delayed or is not up to the mark. Therefore, your script also needs to have an empathetic tone to all your answers and the questions should also be mentioned in a way that customers ask.

    Having call scripts might sound rigid but not having a script at all is an absolute no. One needs to understand that script doesn’t dictate all the things that you’ll be saying to consumers but is a guiding document that aids the service agents to grab relevant information quickly and ask the right questions. By incorporating a few points given above you will be able to retain your customers for a longer time and keep them happy.

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