Tame That Angry Customer & Deliver Delightful Customer Service

How To Tame That Angry Customer & Deliver Delightful Customer Service

How To Tame That Angry Customer & Deliver Delightful Customer Service

Organizations are trying their best to impress their customers. In this world of neck-to-neck competition, delivering the best customer service compared to the competitors is a must. Crisis strikes when your service witnesses a downward spiral, not only failing to impress the customers but also disappointing the existing ones. Do not underestimate the power of disappointed or angry customers’ wrath. They can tarnish your brand image to a great extent considering the outreach they have on the world wide web. Here are a few ways to tame that angry customer who might create havoc if not dealt with on time.


Strictly No Excuses

Justifying your failure to meet customer demands or explaining the inconvenience of your product is the last thing you must do. Whenever you include reasons for all the inconvenience that has been caused to the customer, it looks like you are trying to shirk off the responsibility. If you want them to know what went wrong then write them an elaborate response, only after the complaint/problem has been solved. Never mention the reasons prior to addressing the customer’s complaint.


Show A Little Empathy

Teach your service agents to show empathy in extremist circumstances. A little empathy goes a long way. People always remember when someone understands them as an individual. Empathy will make your customers feel that you are on their side and they will show more patience than they would have otherwise shown. Disappointed customers look for empathy primarily and not the reasons for your service or product impediments.


Quick Response

Organizations that have complex technologies deployed for their products/services might not be able to solve customer issues quickly. But sending a response saying that ‘our executives are working on solving your problem’ gives the customer an assurance that he/she will get some solution. By not replying or sending a delayed response you just elevate their anxiety and anger, causing even more damage. A rapid response can benefit you in more than one ways. A research by Harvard Business Review found that people who received a quicker response from their airlines were willing to pay more for their upcoming flights.

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    Give Personalized Service

    One effective approach is to assign a dedicated customer service agent as the primary point of contact. This ensures that customers don’t have to navigate through multiple departments to have their complaints addressed. Personalizing all forms of communication, including emails, calls, and interactions with in-store attendants, can significantly reshape the brand image in customers’ minds. By prioritizing a personalized approach, outsourced IT service desk companies can enhance customer satisfaction and foster stronger relationships.


    Take Some Time For Yourself

    Any inconvenience caused to your customer is an equally discomforting experience to you. With all the anger being vent out on you and you having no solace to seek in such critical times, take some time for yourself to just develop the patience to deal with everything. Maybe just take a break for coffee or take a few minutes to sit and ponder over what went wrong and how it can be fixed. This will give you more clarity of thought and you won’t feel lost with all the negativity your customer is throwing at you. You will have to be at your best in the worst of situations to deal with angry customers. Give the same leeway to your employees as well who are dealing with angry customers on your behalf.


    Following are some of the ways to build a loyal clientele.

    • Give Priority
      Let the world know that being loyal to your brand and products has its own perks. Pamper your loyal customers or prospective loyal customers and spoil them enough so that they won’t leave you for a long time. Indulging your loyal customers will entice other customers to become brand loyal as well because they’ll soon realize that staying loyal to you has enough privileges.
    • Let Them Say It For You
      In this age of social media, people like to brag about everything and anything. Let people boast all the privileges they are getting from you. Not only will it make them feel special from all the attention they get from being your loyal customer but will also add many more loyal customers to your casket. Hence, brands these days are having social media influencers as a few of their loyal customers who talk about their brand time and again.
    • Anticipate Customer Needs
      Understanding your customer’s current needs is not enough anymore. You will have to gauge all the past patterns and deliver a product that will suffice their future needs as well. Apprehending your customer’s needs well in advance will not only help you to stay ahead or at par with market trends but might also aid you in uncovering a completely new consumer segment.


    With the advent of social media, customers can do more damage than they could’ve done 10 years ago. A single tweet or Facebook update can bring your brand to ashes, creating disbelief in the minds of people. In this age, when the world is more connected and everything is transparent, it is imperative to handle all your customer queries on time and courteously. It’s not anymore about losing that one customer but losing several others and the prospective ones as well. Hence, customer service gone awry is definitely a big deal at such time but with adequate care, it can be certainly taken care of. Consider some of the above points to fix your customer service woes.

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