Using Call Center Services For Growth Hacking Strategies


Business owners are using call center service companies to save money and improve the customer experience. Some companies think that this means they have to sacrifice the personal experience individuals receive when customer service calls are handled in-house. In fact, quality and quantity can be coupled easily with one-on-one customer attention when you outsource customer management to an IT help desk service provider. In addition, your business will receive the benefit of rapid, sustainable growth.

Missing The Personal Touch for Growth

With the addition of call centers, social media customer service, and email customer support, experts lament the loss of human agents. Some business gurus say that without human interaction, businesses can’t secure customer loyalty. By combining traditional marketing techniques with your call center service, your company can be the one that stands out in the crowd.

For this strategy to be successful, you need to work closely with your call center service company. Create goals, strategies, and scripts for the agents to use to devise AB testing experiments to determine which methods are the most successful. You will also want to institute segmentation within your customer base so your company can devise the exact verbiage that works for each part of your market.

Start On The Right Foot

This growth hacking strategy should start the minute a lead becomes a new customer. Call center agents should contact the customer to welcome them and find out how they enjoyed the buying experience. Answer any questions the customers have and inform them of any additional support or training that can help them get the most out of their initial purchase. Keep this a sales-free call and make sure that the individual knows how to get in touch with customer service if they have any questions.

How Can We Help Growth?

Once the customer has purchased a product or service from your organization, you want to keep in touch with them. Creating social media advertising and emails are a great way to confer with clients. However, an occasional phone call can be beneficial, especially if the person hasn’t bought anything in a while. One-time and lapsed customers may need some encouragement to buy again. If your agent offers assistance this may be the gentle push the customer needs.

Abandoned Carts

Another prime opportunity for calling a customer is when they abandon products in an online shopping cart. Often a customer will add several items to a cart and then leave or only purchase some of the products. What made the person abandon those items? A quick phone call may help your business save not only that sale but also future purchases of the same products.

And while the customer is on the phone, the agent may be able to increase the sale by offering crossover products or add-ons. Many businesses don’t leverage the opportunity that upsells offer and this can hamper sales growth.

Chat Up Your Customers

Offering your customers the opportunity to speak with a live person while they are on your website will increase conversions and cross-sells while decreasing abandoned cart issues. This lets the customer decide if they want personalized attention or the ability to surf your site in peace and only contact your company if there is a question.

When Old Becomes New

When all companies were offering this type of attention, some businesses started to offer online strategies to stand out. Now, these new strategies are old hats, and some individuals long for the ability to return to the traditional methods. With the human touch back in vogue, your company can be seen as the one that goes the extra mile to take care of your customers.

A call center service can offer the one-on-one attention your customers crave while your business still offers some online contact options some people prefer. Growth hacking strategies don’t have to rely solely on online techniques to accelerate growth. Combine the old and the new to create the best customer service center for your market.

If you are in search of a call center service company that will work with you to create the best customer experience contact us. We offer unique packages that will save you money while growth hacking customer service strategies for your business.

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