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fortune 500 social media customer service

Fortune 500 Companies that use Social Media for Customer Service

Ever imagined the impact social media can have on customer service? It is undoubtedly true that social media is increasingly gaining prominence in the operations of many large corporations in developing good customer service. This is evidenced by the statistics drawn from the following Fortune 500 Companies that include Starbucks, Coca Cola, Intel, Nike and Walt Disney that have successfully used Social Media for building customer service initiatives in their operations. According to Online MBA Page, popular social media platforms that are used by these companies include the following: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.



Starbucks uses a variety of social media in conducting its business in a bid to build and maintain good customer service with its targeted buyers. The company’s overall score in terms of social media use is 88.2 and it uses different types of platforms as shown in the statistics below. Facebook has the highest score in terms of overall number of users. This is followed by YouTube which with 26.1 points and Twitter is on Third position. It has also been observed that Starbucks has used Facebook to encourage the customers to buy their friends Starbucks birthday cards in one of its promotion campaigns.

Facebook39.733,501,434 likes
Twitter9.33,360,044 followers
YouTube26.116,163 subscribers
LinkedIn5.1150,905 followers
Pinterest2.471, 286 followers
Instagram2.021, 075,310 followers


Coca Cola

Coca Cola is another Fortune 500 company that uses social media in building customer service and it has an overall score of 88.1. The company has successfully used different social media platforms for its Coke Chase promotion during the days towards the Super Bowl. The company used social media to enable the customers to vote for the team they believed would feature most in the post-game advert and has helped it to create good customer service.

Facebook43.158,035,414 likes
Twitter8.4665,789 followers
Youtube26.5102,421 subscribers
Linkedin5.1172,204 followers
Pinterest0.82,491 followers
Instagram0.573,623 followers


Walt Disney

With an overall score of 82.1, Walt Disney is another Fortune 500 Company that seriously uses social media to create good customer service with all its targeted consumers. It operates separate Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts for different versions of Disney channels that are found in different countries. Social media is used to link all the targeted groups in different places to ensure that quality services that satisfy the needs of the customers are offered.

Facebook40.841,361,681 likes
Twitter8.71,552,464 followers
YouTube 26.127,813 subscribers
LinkedIn5.1156,385 followers
Pinterest1.523,470 followers



Intel has an average score of 81.8 of social media. Again, a closer analysis of the statistics presented in the table below shows that Facebook is the most popular platform that is used by the company to link with its customers. This is followed by YouTube and Twitter while other platforms have a considerable number of users.

Facebook37.316,510,519 likes
Twitter8.4884,067 followers
YouTube26.443,482 subscribers
LinkedIn5.1204,449 followers
Pinterest0.82,431 followers
Instagram0.531,615 followers



Nike has an overall score of 81.8 of social media use. According to MBA, the concept of social media is not new to the operations of Nike. For instance, in 2010, the company used 15-day Nike Grid Promotion to promote running where Facebook was mainly used to encourage the participants. To date, Nike continues to use different social media platforms to appeal to the interests of different customers while at the same time creating value in the services they offer. The table below shows the statistics of media use by the company.

Facebook36.611,976,079 likes
Twitter8.4873,623 followers
YouTube26.360,150 subscribers
LinkedIn5.1179,763 followers
Google plus3.4Circled by 341,355
Instagram1.95879,863 followers


A closer look at the trends in overall social media use scores by the above Fortune 500 companies indicate that Facebook is the most popular social media platform that is used by many companies in promoting customer service in their operations. This is followed by YouTube, an excellent platform for customer engagement. Twitter comes third in almost all cases, a popular channel for customer service. Other social media platforms also have an impact on customer success as they represent quite a large number of followers.

There are several reasons why social media is used by many corporations in promoting customer service. The major notable reason is that social Media helps to address customer issues quickly. High Availability is another factor. Customers are checking their social media feeds all day long. Convenience plays an important role. All social media platform are multi-device & synchronized. You can use it from your laptop or desktop or Android & iPhone or all of them.

Building faith, trust & relationship via social media is easier. This quality of relationship also helps to build trust among the customers who in turn can play a pivotal role in encouraging their peers to buy the products and services offered by the company.

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