What Is An Enterprise Help Desk And Its Benefits?

enterprise help desk

An enterprise help desk enables you to automate a vast area of your business operation. It helps you run a smooth process with less time and effort while reducing human errors. For example, an automated ticket assignment feature allows you to assign service request tickets to the relevant agents automatically.

To a wider extent, an enterprise help desk is an all-in-one platform providing support to both your internal and external customers. Moreover, it offers a self-service feature delivering a prompt solution to the users. Generally, large businesses having more than 1,000 employees opt for an enterprise help desk or service desk.

An enterprise help desk is a widespread means of customer service developed to initiate solutions for customer request tickets. Once the ticket is generated, help desk agents prioritize urgent problems and respond to them accordingly. In this post, we will discuss various features of an enterprise help desk and its benefits for your business.

Primary Features of Enterprise Help Desk:

Cross-channel support: You can provide your customers the flexibility of choosing their preferred platform to raise a request. Similarly, your help desk agents can manage customer interaction in different channels like chat, email, phone, etc.

Ticket management: Automated ticketing system ensures easy conversion of customer requests into tickets. Further, the tickets are routed and prioritized to reach the relevant team or executive through effective ticket management.

User-friendly interface: A flawless ticket management system must offer an easy-to-use interface. It will enable your agents to resolve issues promptly. Thus, it will save time as there is no need to undergo training to get started with the system.

Self-service option: An enterprise help desk provides you the opportunity to develop a comprehensive knowledge base. So, your employees and customers can get suitable assistance in the form of FAQs, articles, videos, etc.

Reports & analytics: This feature is crucial as it enables you to discover loopholes in your business process. You can retrieve the help desk data and work on it to improve the response times, CSAT, employee satisfaction, etc.

Benefits of Enterprise Help Desk:

An enterprise help desk is an answer to all issues from password-reset requests to handling a disappointed customer. It is also the reason behind the popularity of outsourced IT help desks. Let’s explore the major benefits in detail:

1. Single Point of Contact

A single point of contact allows you to serve both your employees and customers more conveniently. It is an easy method from the user’s point of view. If your customers or employees have to search for where to raise an issue, you are not providing good customer service. So, you must provide a platform where users can register requests effortlessly.

In such cases, the consistency of service becomes an issue because each department has its own norms. So, customers often get misled as different departments have different say. So, you must provide a platform where users can register all requests effortlessly.

A single point of contact provides the convenience of getting help from a single source. Its further results in enhanced customer service experience and better satisfaction metrics.

2. Operational Capability

Enterprise help desks provide centralized support that helps agents to manage or respond to requests more efficiently. So, there will be a centralized, well-managed, and much more efficient process. It will also be uniform and notable across the help desk.

Your customers come from different backgrounds and they have diverse issues. So, you require expertise in multiple areas to meet their expectations. Accordingly, help desk staffs acquire multiple skills and can provide better service. It helps them address customer concerns faster and consistently.

One of the most useful features of an enterprise help desk is the knowledge base and self-help service platform. You can develop a knowledge base by collecting customer queries and appropriate solutions provided by the agents. It prevents repetitive work as customers will find the solution themselves in the knowledge base. So, agents will get more time to pick new tickets and there will be less backlog of tickets.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

Enterprise help desks provide a centralized communication system. This feature helps develop better collaboration among different departments. Agents can consult with managers or team leaders during working on a request.

An enterprise help desk also simplifies this cooperation through the ticket management system. You can easily track and monitor the whereabouts of requests through messages and notes attached to tickets.

4. Increased Brand Value

Sometimes we become extremely happy with the customer service offered by a brand. This kind of service helps to develop a loyal bond and customers often perform repeat purchases after such an impressive experience. It also enhances the brand image of a business.

An enterprise help desk allows you to provide outstanding experiences to your customers and boost your brand image. It paves the way to grow your base of loyal customers.

5. Low Operating Costs

Enterprise help desks enable organizations to function efficiently, often as a single unit. Besides, automated Workflow and enhanced methods can assist businesses to remove excessive manual and repeat work. Moreover, the benefit of the self-service process offered by the enterprise help desk can contribute to an across-the-board decrease in functional expenses.

6. Improved Responsibility

The ticket management tools of an enterprise help desk make it simpler to allocate tickets and sustain accountability for service requests. It can particularly help to resolve any issue that needs the cooperation of multiple units. For example, the employee onboarding process requires combined activities of HR, accounts, and the operation team.


Enterprise help desk software allows supporting the customers and employees with ease irrespective of the size and shape of your business. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or an established business, the help desk can support you extensively.

An enterprise help desk can support you enhance your productivity with automation. The seamless team collaboration with internal cooperation features enables employees to provide faster resolutions to customers. Moreover, you can track and monitor essential support metrics such as ticket backlogs, average response times, resolved tickets, CSAT, etc.

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