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CRM with social

How to Integrate Your CRM with Social

Customer resource management has evolved. With all of the Internet tools and big data analytics available, companies are more in tuned to their market than ever before. When you integrate your CRM with social media, you are leveraging these resources to increase sales and service opportunities. Engaging Your Market Base – CRM with social When you integrate social and resource management, you have the ability to listen to your customers. You will find out information that they may not tell you directly. Not all dissatisfied customers will contact a business. In fact, statistics show that customers who are unhappy with a […]

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Technology & Call Center Services Helps Stay Organized

When a small business tries to run a call center that sometimes run into difficulties. Your company may experience a low call volume or so many calls that your staff can’t complete other tasks. Combining call center services and new inbound technology can help your company obtain more leads and stay organized. Outsourcing Services For Organized Enterprises One of the concerns companies have about outsourcing is a lack of information & being more organized in this space. They want to make sure that their databases are kept up to date with the latest customer information. With the advancements in cloud technology, [...]
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Quality Monitoring System

Top 6 Pitfalls When Implementing A Quality Monitoring System

Is your quality monitoring system doing what you want? Is it delivering the insights you expect and need? If you said no, then it’s time to make a change. It’s time to either upgrade your existing system or implement a new one. And you need to do it now—before more things fall through the cracks. Having a good monitoring system for an inbound call center is crucial to boosting agent performance. It helps increase coaching time, highlights critical service failures, and tells you if you’re rewarding the right behaviors. It also produces significant cost savings, boosts agent engagement, and increases […]

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Cloud Solution

6 Questions To Ask Before Installing A Healthcare Cloud Solution

Inbound outsourced call centers are the hearts of many Healthcare Cloud Solution businesses. If you’re a healthcare manager, you know what we mean. Once a silo support function, the contact center is now a dynamic marketing tool that can drive business growth. More specifically, it’s a key customer service tool that can boost customer satisfaction. But like many healthcare managers, you could soon face a dilemma. You might, in fact, be facing it right now. The dilemma: Should you install contact center software or subscribe to a Cloud solution where an Internet connection is the only infrastructure you’ll need? It’s […]

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