What Are The Top 10 Features Of Google Workspace?

Features of Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud platform where you will find multiple tools and software providing flexible business solutions for organizations. It is the new version of G Suite with advanced integrations of tools, delivering more efficient and secure processes. Like G Suite, Google Workspace offers a bunch of productivity tools for communication, meeting, presentation, collaboration, etc. These features can amazingly benefit all your business processes, including help desk support services.

Google Workspace allows you to work on a document or spreadsheet from multiple devices, even offline. So it is the best system for coordinated teamwork. If one of your teammates presents a slide show, others can add speaker notes. The best part is you can see who is editing a shared document.

As all assigned members can see and edit a document, it is possible to finalize a task instantly. Besides, Google Workspace is the best regarding the compatibility of devices. Let’s go through the prime features of using Google Workspace.

Top 10 features of Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a widely used cloud platform providing endless benefits for businesses. You can read Reasons To Use Google Workspace: Benefits For Business for a better understanding. We have described below the top 10 features of Google Workspace.

1. Gmail For Brand Building

When your customers receive mail from an account showing your company’s domain name, it enhances your brand’s credibility. Google Workspace offers email accounts for businesses containing company domain names. It provides the same functionalities as Gmail while supporting your brand development.

So, your employees will enjoy the same user experience as in Gmail, and your brand will get a reliable face. Besides, you will get these premium email facilities without setting up any email server. organizations can add or remove users’ accounts as per requirement. Additionally, one account can have up to 30 related accounts to receive the same mail by you and your team equally.

2. Google Drive For File Management

All Google users get a Google Drive account to store and manage files and documents. You can share the files with your team, and control the access as per need. Besides, there may be a team drive that all team members can access simultaneously.

However, in a single-user drive, you need to allow access manually for the first time. So if you skip someone who needs access, the person has to send you an access request to grant. In team drive, everyone in the team gets access automatically. Similarly, in team drive, the administrator can add or remove a member instantly from accessing any data.

You will get unlimited storage in the Google Workspace enterprise version. In the business starter version, it is 30 GB, and in the free version, you will get 15 GB of storage. There are also options for 2TB or 5TB storage appropriate for managing a large IT help desk.

3. Google Meet For Collaboration

Creating team collaboration is a complex task, and it becomes more challenging in the case of remote work culture. Sometimes collaboration lack can devastate the symmetry between teams leading to degraded IT helpdesk support services.

The collaboration apps from the Google Workspace business edition provide unique features to experience real-time coordination among remote teams. All your team members can work simultaneously on the same document, sheet, or slide. It reduces the editing time and enables instant error fixation. Besides, your team members can join a video meeting through Google Meet for further discussion on a project.

4. Easy Integration With External Apps

If your organization is using CRM or other apps and software, you can easily integrate them with Google Workspace. It enables your team to work effortlessly through all platforms. So they don’t need to move from one platform to another to get data, and it enhances their productivity.

For instance, by integrating CRM, IT service desk agents can log events, assignments, calls, and emails, staying within Gmail. They can also get the customer data from CRM integrated with Google Workspace and put the data into Google Sheets.

5. Admin Console To Manage Apps, Data & Users

In Google Workspace, you get data storage, a team collaboration platform, etc. So you need to manage all apps, data, and users, which is another big task. Google Workspace has also brought Admin Console for you to manage your Workspace flawlessly from a single platform. From Admin Console, you can add or remove users, manage devices, and update security settings.

Besides, you can bar unauthorized apps and put new security verification steps. Google Workspace also provides an advanced scanning feature for email to prevent any security threats.

6. Endpoint Management To Secure Your Accounts

Google Workspace allows your team to access an account from any device. So it is of utmost importance to ensure that the employees access data from a secured device. The Endpoint Management feature enables you to control the access of a device to the Workspace account.

This feature also lets you restrict access to a device, review its usage, and manage security settings. So in case of a lost device, you can protect crucial data by removing the device remotely.

7. Google Vault To Safeguard Business Data

In Google Workspace Vault, you can keep your crucial data for future use. You can also pull data from a suspended account in the event of an employee leaves the company. For this, Google enables you to set retention rules. It helps you recover data from a deleted document or suspended account. Further, Vault allows you to track user activity so that you know what your employees search, view, and export.

8. Google Sites To Build Websites

Whether a new start-up or an established business, a website is the prime mode of interaction. You may also need multiple websites to project various services or share information with clients. In all cases, Google Sites can help you to launch a new website without any programming work. You can select a template, drag and drop content from your Google Drive, and your new website is ready.

9. AI-powered And Automated Productivity Process

Google Workspace is powered by AI that helps to automate tasks ensuring flawless business processes. For instance, if you note a meeting in Calendar, Google Assistant fills the time automatically and adds all attendees.

10. Google Chrome

You can open your Google Workspace account in any browser, but Google Chrome works the best. It helps to create a bookmark bar so that you can open your Workspace account on all devices.


Google Workspace is an unavoidable cloud platform for businesses providing multiple features to ease and secure your business process. However, though all features are useful, some do magic to support operational functionalities and help desk support services. We have described the ten most popular features of Google Workspace in this article. Hopefully, it will help you understand the features of Google Workspace thoroughly.

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