Top 7 Benefits Of Using Google Workspace For Small Businesses

benefits of using google workspace

Google Workspace offers unmatched benefits for both established and small businesses. For example, as a small business owner, you can opt for an individual account. It provides additional benefits on primary features such as longer meeting times, enhanced storage, etc. So solopreneurs can experience more productivity by using Google Workspace from their personal Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail accounts.

Small businesses can also enjoy a 14-day free trial which allows up to 10 users to use the Workspace features. If you take another subscription before 14 days, the unused free days will be added to the new subscription. This edition is especially helpful if you are a new IT help desk provider.

Previously known as G Suite, Google Workspace comes with all the business solution apps that help you establish a productive and connected workflow. The primary features of Google Workspace are Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Vault, Sites, and Forms.

The best part of Google Workspace is that you can work even offline on your documents, spreadsheet, and slides. Besides, all team members can simultaneously work on documents, ensuring fast decisions and transparency of the system.
Additionally, Google Workspace is secure for data storage and doesn’t require any system maintenance. So you can spend more time improving your IT help desk services. This post is about the benefits of using Google Workspace for small businesses. So let’s learn about it.

How Google Workspace can Benefit Small Businesses?

1. Easy Accessibility

Google Workspace is a secure cloud-based platform. So you can access the features in your account at any time from any device. Besides, the apps provided by Google Workspace are compatible with all devices and browsers. It enables you to work on your docs or sheets from your laptop, phone, or tablet conveniently.

One of the most effective parts of Google Workspace is its offline feature. It enables you to work without the internet. So you need not depend on the availability of an internet connection to finish your work.

You can also keep a copy of crucial files in your local system, which Google will sync with the drive content. This feature helps to remove any chance of duplicity, and you always work on the latest version of documents.

Google Workspace apps maintain 99.9% SLA. So you need not worry about any downtime. The accessibility features of Google Workspace enable you to work remotely and on the go. Your team can work on the same document with perfect collaboration. It will ensure quick decisions and a more efficient process.

2. Advanced Security Protocols

One of the major benefits offered by Google Workspace is its unmatched safety protocols. You can rest assured as all your crucial business data will remain in the safest place. Google Workspace safety protocol safeguards both your local data center and cloud-based content. The primary security measures of Google Workspace are:

  • If there is any login attempt from an unidentified device, the account holder receives a verification code through a text message. One cannot log in without entering the right verification code, which provides an additional security layer.
  • Biometrics and laser detection: These measures secure your local data centers synced with Google Workspace.
  • Encrypted Data Transfer: Whenever you send any file within the Google server or to other servers, Google encrypts the content. This feature ensures safety for the receiver who will open the mail. It is also possible to set customized restrictions for a particular file.
  • AI-enabled Login Monitoring: Google’s artificial intelligence monitors all login attempts to prevent any fishy activities. It sends an alert notification to the account holder if there is any new login attempt.

3. Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage is a prime benefit of signing up for a Google Workspace business account. Google Workspace also offers tools for migrating data from your local server to other servers. So you can securely store your data in a single centralized place.

4. Full Admin Control

With your Google Workspace business account, you get the Admin Console app to control all users’ activities. This tool allows you to review your team’s activities, such as which content they access or which apps they use the most. You can also set conditions on the user’s device, content, or accounts to ensure the safe and productive use of the business accounts.

The Admin Console tool also provides user activity reports awarding you about your team’s performances. It also helps you enhance your IT service desk performance, as you can review the productive activities of each team member. Thus you can also track any potential threat from any user’s end.

5. Affordable Solutions for Businesses

For small businesses, using Google Workspace is a great way to cut down various business expenses. Collaboration tools like Meet and Chat ensure productivity in remote workers. So you can save the communication, convenience, and office set-up costs.

Additionally, with Google Workspace, you can easily scale up or down the features as per your business requirements. Besides, you need not spend time and resources to set up and maintain servers and security systems, as Google takes care of it all.

Google offers pocket-friendly packages for small businesses starting at $3 per user per month. You can take the Business Plus edition at $5 per user per month once your business starts to grow. It also makes more affordable IT service desk services.

6. Easily Integrable with External Apps

Google Workspace allows you to integrate an external app into the platform easily. So if you are already using any apps or CRM, you need not change them. You can easily integrate them with Google Workspace.

This feature helps you save time in creative work, such as making a presentation or other documents. You can take templates from a third-party app and add other content from Google Drive. Thus you can create and format impressive presentations in a short time effortlessly.

7. Easy Website Building Tools

A website is a prime need for all kinds of businesses these days to efficiently communicate with clients and internal users. The Site tool of Google Workspace helps you develop and launch a new website without having any coding knowledge. You can select a template and drag content from your Google Drive, and your website is ready.


Google Workspace provides advanced solutions for all kinds of businesses. Its business starter version helps small businesses to set up and run business operations efficiently. From website launching to brand building and performance reviewing, you can do everything effortlessly, affordably, and error-free. We have discussed some of the top benefits of Google Workspace in this post. These features are especially beneficial for operating IT service desks and other functionalities.

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