Top 10 Misconceptions About Microsoft Office 365

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Microsoft has made many updates to its Office 365 suite since it launched. It’s undoubtedly an all-in-one solution for businesses and individuals looking to streamline their business operations, but is it as good as advertised?

Or Office 365 is just an online version of the Microsoft suite available on your computers? If not, what’s the difference between the two?

Below we’ve debunked the 10 common myths about Microsoft that might be stopping you from buying Microsoft’s Subscription. Let’s see what helpdesk outsourcing companies have to say about Office 365.

1. Office 365 is Just Office Online

Office 365 is a subscription service, which consists of many apps and programs bundled together into a single suite. Microsoft Office is part of this suite. But, this subscription-based model is much more than that. You get many collaboration tools, online storage, and cloud-based services that the one-time-purchase version lacks.

The plan you choose will determine the range of features you get from the Office 365 suite. For example, its business subscription is packed with tools, like Planner, SharePoint, OneDrive, Delve, Powerapps, etc.

2. My Data is Unsafe

A 99.9% uptime guarantee makes Microsoft a reliable option for those looking for applications to store their sensitive data. If you are worried your data will be leaked to third parties, rest assured that only your employees or trusted members that are authorized to access your files and folders can use your Microsoft accounts.

Others can’t access your private data until you grant them permission. No third party, whether it’s government entities or Microsoft itself, can have unauthorized access to your confidential data. You can check their Trust Center to learn more about their privacy policy.

3. Microsoft is Very Expensive

On the contrary, Microsoft has offered flexible subscription plans so that users can subscribe to the service that fits their budget and requirements. You pay for the features you use. Microsoft offers a vast range of features in each plan and they are updated frequently.

Besides, the subscription model allows people to cancel their plans if they are not satisfied with the Microsoft Office 365 suite or no longer want to use it. It’s much better and cheaper than those one-time payment software models.

4. It’s Not as Extensive as Google

It depends on your business and your requirements. Over the last few years, Microsoft has launched many upgrades to its tools, just so that businesses can have all features in one place. Their different plans are designed for businesses of different sizes and natures. It may not have the most user-friendly tools, but it definitely is a comprehensive suite.

That said, Google is a tough competitor of Microsoft when it comes to the range of features and user interface. Here’s the list of the features Google Workspace offers.

5. It’s Just a Cloud-Based Service

One of the perks of Office 365 is that it enables businesses to move their operations to the cloud, thus simplifying the digital transition. However, it has desktop programs too. You can download their desktop versions of certain apps, like Teams, Word, Excel, and Outlook.

The desktop counterparts of their online apps are packed with an extensive range of features and are as comprehensive and easy to use as the cloud variants. So, you can switch to the desktop version when needed.

6. It Has Built-in Security Features

While Microsoft 365 does come with many built-in security features, it’s not 100% safe. Many attacks, like getting access to your employee’s account through phishing or injecting malware into the system, are possible if you don’t use Microsoft Office in conjunction with security tools.

You may require third-party security solutions, like implementing two-factor authentication or an antivirus program, to prevent cyber threats.

7. Microsoft Offer Comprehensive Data Recovery

Microsoft has clearly mentioned in its documentation that data recovery and integration are the user’s responsibility. Manual errors, like deleting the data, can result in permanent data loss if you don’t have a backup plan in place. Microsoft does store the deleted data for specific days, 14 days for emails, and 93 days for data stored in SharePoint and OneDrive.

The compromised admin account, manual error, or ransomware attack that goes unnoticed for weeks can all erase data permanently from your system. This may not be retrievable if you don’t have third-party data recovery solutions.

8. Updates on Microsoft 365 are Overwhelming

Every software requires regular updates to deliver the best function and security to the organization. Microsoft is no different. One thing that sets it apart from other software solutions is that the company updates everything automatically.

Your IT service providers don’t need to update the system manually. They can, however, stop or pause it for a while through the Admin Center.

9. Microsoft 365 is About Moving Everything to the Cloud Immediately

You can migrate all your business operations to the cloud, but that doesn’t have to happen overnight. You can move your business to the cloud at your own pace. It’s best to start small, i.e., with your email first, and then focus on other larger applications.

You can also work in a hybrid environment where some of your applications are running in the cloud and you have downloaded the desktop version for others.

10. Office 365 Setup is Easy, I Can Do It on My Own

Office 365 is a set of tools that go beyond the Office you may already have on your PC. For businesses, the tools can be a little overwhelming. Besides, how they connect to each other is tricky to understand. That’s why it’s advisable to work with an IT professional to set up Office 365. You must also take their advice when choosing a subscription.

Bottom Line

Knowledge is Power. Knowing what Microsoft Office 365 is all about, the features it offers, and how it can benefit your business will help you make the best of this software.

These were just to list a few. People have many misconceptions about Office 365. If you are unsure about any feature or service of Microsoft, discuss it with an IT professional or reach Microsoft support to clarify the issue.

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