How To Integrate SharePoint With Microsoft Teams?

sharepoint with microsoft teams

Microsoft Teams is a workspace where your team can experience real-time cooperation and communication, content sharing, meetings, etc. You can obtain all these advantages in one place, which is accessible to all you allow.

MS Teams provides multi-level authentication, ensuring complete safety for your files and documents. Both individual sign-in and data encryption by SharePoint encryption, where data is stored, provide the ultimate security.

In Microsoft SharePoint, you can create websites. Besides, you can store, organize, and manage your data on this platform. It is a protected place to store and share data with your team. This MS web-based application came into existence in 2001. It allows you to store and manage any data including, images, documents, videos, links, web pages, etc.

Your team can access the shared data from any device at any time. Thus integration of MS Teams and SharePoint is an excellent way to improve IT help desk services. So here we will learn how to integrate MS Teams and SharePoint perfectly.

How Can You Integrate Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Perfectly?

The facts reveal that Microsoft Teams and SharePoint share significant coordination. In actuality, every group formed within the MS Teams has the SharePoint Team Site created automatically at the back end.

It implies that all records uploaded to MS Teams will also be stored in SharePoint’s document library. As you know, SharePoint provides the best content storage and file management. For more information, you can read Overview of Teams and SharePoint integration.

If you like to accomplish flawless integration of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, you can follow the stages explained below:

Step 1: Develop Teams with Your Existing SharePoint Site

Step 2: Integrate MS Teams with SharePoint

Step 3: Publish Your SharePoint Page

Step 4: Publish the SharePoint Library

1. Develop Teams with Your Existing SharePoint Site

Start with creating a new team within the MS Teams for your current SharePoint team site. You need to ensure that this site is connected to the assigned MS Office 365 Team.

In your MS Office 365 dashboard, find the MS Team icon at the bottom left corner. You will see the option “Create a Team”, so click here. This way, you will create your new MS Team, which will be automatically linked to your existing SharePoint Site. So, now you can initiate a collaboration with the new team.

2. Integrate MS Teams with SharePoint

This step is to start integrating your new MS team with the SharePoint site. For this, you will need the address of the site. So, go to the option Channels in your MS Team, and click on the option open in SharePoint.

After opening the SharePoint Site, you can see the new team created and linked under the Team option. From here, you can start integrating the new team with SharePoint.

3. Publish Your SharePoint Page

You need to publish your SharePoint page to make it visible to all who visit the site. Otherwise, it will be visible only to those having editing permission. For publishing the page, click on the Team button in the MS Team dashboard. Then, click on the “+” button, followed by the “Add a Tab” button. A new window will open where you will click on the SharePoint icon.

The SharePoint page will open on a new window where you will click on the “Pages” option. Here you must select the page linked to your MS Team from the list. Thereafter, click on the save button to publish the page.

4. Publish the SharePoint Library

SharePoint Library stores all the files and documents that your teams can access to work on them together from multiple devices. For this, you need to publish the SharePoint Library. For publishing the Library, click on the Team button in the MS Team dashboard. Then, click on the “+” button, followed by the “Add a Tab” button. A new window will open where you will click on the SharePoint icon. Select the “Document Library” and click on it.

The SharePoint Library will open on a new window where you will click on the “Relative Sites” option followed by the “Next” button. A new window will open where you will select a folder from the libraries. Then again click on the “Next” button. In the new window, you will find an option for setting the “Tab Name”. Thereafter, click on the save button to publish the library.

What are the Best Approaches for the Integration of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint?

We have learned about Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, their coordination, and how to integrate them. So now we will go through the best methods to follow while integrating your MS Teams and SharePoint.

Share Files in Uniform Way

MS 365 Teams allows you to share files in the SharePoint library as per project or subject. So once you integrate the new team with SharePoint and publish the library, your team partners can access recently uploaded files.

For this, you can:

  • Create a new tab on the MS Team site and link the SharePoint document library.
  • Create a second tab on the MS Team site with the Website tab connector.

Manage SharePoint Files Adequately

If you want your SharePoint to work more than a file-sharing tool, you need to do some additional tasks. These are:

  • Making specific versions of files to provide comfortable pass
  • Providing Metadata in various columns

Connect Your Team with an Information Source

You can facilitate your team to stay informed about every event on a particular project. It will enhance teamwork and all-around productivity. So you must provide your team the adequate prospect to be updated with the necessary knowledge and statistics. For this, you can:

  • Build a SharePoint news portal
  • Add the new platform on the MS Teams site as a tab.


MS Teams is a comprehensive product provided by Microsoft 365 suite. It can benefit your IT service-providing company immensely. If you integrate MS Teams with SharePoint, you can obtain the best opportunity to develop efficient coordination and communication flow in the team.

Moreover, you can integrate MS Team and SharePoint quickly and easily. So if you want to bring a significant improvement in your help desk services make sure to integrate your MS Team and SharePoint site perfectly. We hope the article has provided you a better knowledge about the integration of MS Teams and SharePoint.

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