The Importance Of ConnectWise In Managing IT Services

the importance of connectwise

Are you looking to grow as an MSP? Are you looking to make MSP business processes more manageable? Are you looking to improve the quality of service you provide?

If yes, then the host of solutions catered towards MSPs by ConnectWise could be your answer. The company offers business management, centralized monitoring, cybersecurity, and integrated solutions.

It can help MSPs provide quality IT help desk support services, remote monitoring, and proactive issue resolution.

Let us look at ConnectWise’s offering in detail and the role it plays in managing IT services.

What is ConnectWise?

IT has become a priority for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) today. It can be a company’s differentiator in the marketplace. Managed IT service is a solution that can help SMBs fulfill their IT requirement.

ConnectWise is a software company whose products are aimed at helping IT solution providers perform optimally. As an MSP, you can use ConnectWise to define efficient processes like device management, managing contracts, and proactive monitoring and issue resolution.

Solutions from ConnectWise can streamline your MSP business, improve employee satisfaction and also help increase revenue.

What Features Does ConnectWise Offer for Managed IT Services?

ConnectWise provides users with an integrated platform that covers different aspects of MSPs. For example, it can help train employees, provide better tools for automation and remote access, and all the while generating profit.

Here are the top four features ConnectWise offers for managed IT services.

1. Business Management

Understanding and optimizing your core business operations can lay a strong foundation for growth. You also need complete visibility over systems and metrics. ConnectWise’s business management software helps connect systems and increase visibility, accountability, and collaboration.

ConnectWise business management solutions include:

  • Professional Services Automation (PSA)
  • Quote and Proposal software
  • Centralized IT Documentation
  • Customer Feedback System
  • KPI Dashboard and Reporting

ConnectWise PSA helps unify teams and systems. For example, you can manage processes like the help desk, sales and marketing, procurement, reporting, and billing on one platform.

With ConnectWise CPQ, your sales team can use quote templates and automate workflows and pricing.

Centralized documentation helps service agents access customer information, service history, and SOPs quicker. This can lead to faster issue resolution. And you can keep delivering consistent quality user experiences.

SmileBack is a customer feedback system specifically designed for MSPs. It exclusively focuses on customer satisfaction.

BrightGauge is a reporting software that brings all relevant data under one roof. Its features include calculated metrics, snapshots, and data source mashups.

2. Unified Monitoring and Management

ConnectWise provides Unified Monitoring and Management (UMM), which is a comprehensive IT management software. The focus of the software is to keep your client’s IT infrastructure running. With proactive monitoring, identify, resolve issues, and improve system availability.

Under UMM, you can access different tools like:

  • ConnectWise RMM
  • ConnectWise BCDR
  • ConnectWise Automate
  • ConnectWise Control

Repetitive work can be time-consuming for resources. With the RMM platform, you can automate day-to-day and maintenance activities and lower the time spent on tickets.

Be it a natural calamity or a cyberattack, having backup solutions in place is necessary for businesses. With BCDR, you can simplify backup processes, secure data in storage or transit, and outsource backup monitoring and troubleshooting.

With the Automate module, you can remotely monitor your client’s infrastructure and proactively prevent downtime. Other features include patch and endpoint management and IT automation.

With the Control module, you can remotely access any device, anytime and anywhere, to resolve support tickets. It provides a secure way of connection and is compatible with major browsers.

3. Cybersecurity Management

Cybersecurity is an ever-present threat to businesses. As these attacks grow in numbers and sophistication, many security executives feel they are not prepared to handle these attacks going further. According to another survey, only 50% of US businesses have a cybersecurity plan prepared.

With ConnectWise cybersecurity management, you can keep your client’s business assets safe. You can provide 24/7 threat detection monitoring, have security experts available for incident response, and manage security policies.

Here are a few things you can do with the ConnectWise cybersecurity module:

  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Security info and event management
  • Risk assessment and dark web monitoring
  • Cloud app security
  • Identity management
  • Security policy management and more

4. Integrated Services

If you are looking to outsource some of your business processes, you can use the integrated services module by ConnectWise.

You can outsource:

  • Projects
  • Help desk
  • SOC and NOC services
  • Business consulting

Finding the right IT talent and retaining them long-term can be challenging. With integrated services, you can fill talent gaps or access on-demand expert technical services.

Help desk teams often deal with repetitive or simple tech issues. You do not want your expert IT resources working on them. Instead, opt for help desk outsourcing services and focus on high-value projects.

Behind a stable and secure IT infrastructure, there are multiple network and security maintenance activities. For example, upgrades, patches, security monitoring, detection, and mitigation. These proactive services can go a long way in protecting critical assets.

How to Start with ConnectWise?

Are you unsure about investing in ConnectWise? If yes, you can try its remote control, RMM, cybersecurity, and IT documentation software on a free-trial basis.

The trial period depends on the module. For example, the RMM module is available for a 7-day free trial. On the other hand, the cybersecurity risk assessment module is available for a 30-day free trial.

You will have to provide details like name, business information, company size, and job role when requesting a trial. You are under no obligation, nor do you need a credit card for this process.


MSPs aim to make technology easier for businesses. And solutions from ConnectWise help MSPs achieve this objective.

With ConnectWise, you can streamline and manage several business aspects. For example, asset management, simplified quoting, IT automation, help desk, remote monitoring, cybersecurity and backup, and disaster recovery.

You can invest in the whole suite of solutions or explore specific software modules. If you need technical support, the ConnectWise team is available 24/7. For other inquiries, you can use the live chat option or give them a call.

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