Top 10 Benefits Of Using ServiceNow For Your Business Operations

benefits of using servicenow for your business operations

The ever-changing demands of customers have made IT software applications a must for all industries. Automation is needed more now than ever. Whether it’s human resource management or your IT infrastructure, robust and high-quality software can help streamline all core tasks effectively.

Like any other IT management app, ServiceNow comes with a price tag. Although the subscription models differ in terms of their cost and features included, the basic functions, like ticket routing and escalation, are available in all plans.

Whether it’s a small-scale company or a multinational corporation, ServiceNow has plans for all. Let’s check out the 10 benefits of using ServiceNow for your business.

1. Workflow Automation

IT tools are all about automation. The more tasks these platforms streamline for you, the more time you get to focus on core areas of your businesses. Simple activities, like routing a ticket to a qualified IT help desk agent or escalating the issue to top-tier management when it’s left unresolved for a long period, can help a lot.

ServiceNow integrates the entire team and encourages seamless collaboration between different departments. This unobstructed communication across all departments reduces the risk of bottlenecks.

The end-to-end automation makes ServiceNow the most viable choice for businesses struggling with time management and communication.

2. A Proactive Approach

Do you notice similar types of queries from different users frequently? Well, ServiceNow’s proactive problem-solving approach can help. ServiceNow is beyond a ticket management tool.

It’s your one-stop platform for proactively handling all technical problems, figuring out the root causes of the issues, and fixing them before they disrupt the workflow. You can use reports and analytics to get a clear view of all issues raised so far, the resolved and unresolved ones, historical data, the latest trends, etc.

3. Robust Security

We understand security is of paramount importance for any business. ServiceNow is a secure cloud-based platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses of all sizes worldwide. The administrator has the right to establish access levels for different users.

The access is either accepted or declined based on the permission configuration. Moreover, the two-factor authentication and regulatory compliance make ServiceNow the safest product on the market. You can have peace of mind knowing that ServiceNow’s security protocols will keep your system and workflow safe.

4. Uninterrupted Communication

You no longer need to waste your time answering repetitive queries for different users. ServiceNow has built-in chatbots that attend to your customers when there’s no representative available to answer their queries. It comes with a smart dashboard equipped with voice assistants and bots that handle your users’ requests flawlessly.

Now, your users do not have to wait for an agent to respond to their questions or guide them further. For simple activities, like tracking the progress of an unresolved ticket, ServiceNow’s AI-powered dashboard sends an automated alert updating users about their ticket status.

5. Excellent Incident Management

ServiceNow’s incident management streamlines your ticket management. Now, incidents can be logged into the system with a simple email.

Your IT help desk team can evaluate each incident and prioritize them based on their emergency and the level of impact it has on the company when left unaddressed. These incidents are automatically assigned to the associated department for quick and effective resolution.

Incidents can be collected through phone, live chat, and self-service portals, in addition to emails. This allows your IT team to manage incidents of all difficulty levels and through different channels.

6. Self-Service Portal

Another reason businesses need ServiceNow is that it offers a self-service portal that allows users to get quick help. They can raise tickets, find answers to their basic questions, and get links to the forums, FAQs, and other helpful guides.

The knowledgebase has data related to ServiceNow’s functions. If you face any difficulty, you can look for solutions in the knowledgebase.

7. Seamless Integration

Copying data from one source to another manually can be hectic. ServiceNow’s seamless integration capabilities ensure that the data across all systems is handled well and integrated into a single platform. This makes management easier.

Besides, a consolidated view of data from different tools allows IT help desk service providers to make informed decisions. It’s easier to interpret data, track the most common issues, and take steps to mitigate the most problematic and frequently reported ones.

8. A Scalable Solution

Every business starts with a few employees and then expands gradually, getting more people on board. Companies with growth plans need a scalable solution for their IT-related requirements.

ServiceNow is your best bet if you plan on taking your business from a few employees to a team of 50 or 100 people. It scales with your business. You can upgrade your SLA and subscription plan to get advanced features anytime.

9. Works for All

ServiceNow is popular for its flexibility and versatility. It works for small and large companies. You can select a plan based on your goals and the size of the business.

If you have a few employees working remotely and others working in a hybrid setting, ServiceNow is the best way to facilitate seamless collaboration and communication between them. Its mobile integration ensures that your agents stay up-to-date with incidents, user requests, and other updates.

10. Improve Employee Productivity

ServiceNow is a highly efficient tool for help desk support companies. As it automates most repetitive tasks and simplifies complex operations, it saves your IT agents time in handling repetitive queries.

They can now easily focus on tasks that can contribute to the business’ growth. It’s also easier for a business to oversee employees’ performance, track their progress, and keep a record of each in a single centralized system.

Bottom Line

The list of must-have software apps for businesses is incomplete without ServiceNow. This all-in-one technical tool is designed to simplify your IT-based tasks by automating tedious, manual work.

ServiceNow has many competitors that claim to offer the same (if not better) services. Examples include SysAid, Jira Service Desk, ManageEngine, and ZenDesk. While these tools have their own benefits and functionalities, ServiceNow is your best choice if flexibility and scalability are your requirements.

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