ServiceNow Updates And Roadmap: What’s Coming In The Future?

servicenow updates & roadmap

ServiceNow’s advanced built-in capabilities and robust user interface have enabled IT specialists to adapt to the digitized workflow seamlessly. The digital transformation, especially the shift from the manual workforce to remote employees, has become much easier with this AI-powered ITSM tool.

For those who have heard this name for the first time, ServiceNow is an IT management software application that serves as an all-in-one platform for all IT-related operations. From fulfilling the basic user requests to keeping track of all assets deployed within the organization, this comprehensive ITSM solution takes care of everything.

Like ManageEngine and SysAid, ServiceNow has a smart ticketing module where all user queries and concerns are automatically collected and converted into tickets. Not only that but there’s no manual work needed for assigning these tickets to a qualified representative. The tickets are assigned and even escalated to a professional agent from top-tier management.

In this post, we’ve discussed all the updates and a detailed roadmap of ServiceNow. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will know new features, updates, interfaces, flexibility, and changes in other core functions of this smart ITSM software.

ServiceNow Roadmap: What Exactly it is

Every business, irrespective of its size and nature, relies on team collaboration. Your success depends on how well different departments within your organization work together to achieve your desired goals. Tracking this collaboration and unobstructed communication between them is key to achieving your organizational goals.

That’s where strategic roadmaps come into play. These give your teams a clear picture of the steps they should take to ensure everyone is on the same page and is following the right direction. Roadmaps are not the project tracker. They are rather focused on an organization-level strategy.

Product roadmaps, on the other hand, show a detailed list of the upcoming products or features that the company plans on releasing in the coming years. For ServiceNow users, a roadmap serves as the way to get information about the upcoming releases, what the features entail, and how they will affect the company’s workflow.

Why are Roadmaps Important?

Roadmaps give users a glimpse of the future. It tells users what’s coming up and how exactly the new releases will help scale their business and bring flexibility to the organizational workflow.

IT help desk providers have certain expectations from the upcoming releases. Every time the company announces a new product release, they expect an out-of-the-box product that would magically bring a significant transformation in their workflow. This results in frustration and disappointment.

So, to avoid these issues, ServiceNow aims to define the product roadmap clearly. A transparent roadmap is a must to ensure that your users know what you are delivering and how they should plan their business services accordingly.

Usually, roadmap sessions focus on highlighting the core features of the products about to be released and what new updates the company is planning for the next few years. So far, the primary focus of ServiceNow is on delivering an excellent user experience.

The integrated knowledge base is one such example that has made ServiceNow the best on the market. Its self-service portal allows users to find answers to basic queries without the assistant’s help. Not only does it boost their self-esteem, but it saves your team time in resolving repetitive tickets.

ServiceNow’s Upcoming Releases

The upcoming new release of ServiceNow, which is named Utah, is expected to be launched in the first or second quarter of 2023. The software company has enabled testers and approved users to upgrade to the Utah variant before its release to the general audience.

It’s expected to be launched for testing in the first quarter and the users are allowed to test it for 2 months before General Availability (GA). Those who are interested in this latest upgrade can sign up for the testing through Now Support Service Catalog. However, you must have ServiceNow’s subscription to test this new release.

The software provider keeps its users informed about all the latest and upcoming updates. The team guides you to install the updates and adapt your workflow to the new version. These upgrades are free for all ServiceNow subscribers.

ServiceNow keeps introducing new versions and updated features to make the platform more secure and better. For instance, the company launched the San Diego update in the fourth quarter of 2022 and then Tokyo right after that.

The company aims to deliver at least two upgrades annually. This year, we are expecting Utah in the third quarter. The Tokyo variant, for instance, was for app developers. It offered Manager Hub—a feature that enables your managers and the team to get a 360-degree view of the entire platform and employee performance. Other features include DevOps policy, integrated ITOM governance, and Task Intelligence.

What else? The AI-powered ticket resolution accelerates the ticket resolution process by resolving tickets at a faster rate than usual and allowing the smooth processing of tickets.

Main Components of the ServiceNow Roadmap

ServiceNow aims to deliver an excellent user experience through its wide array of products and a seamless user interface. The company focuses on automating workflow and simplifying routine tasks so that IT help desk providers manage the entire IT infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

It also enables the IT teams to focus on core business areas, instead of doing manual stuff that can be easily automated with ServiceNow. Another key component of ServiceNow’s future updates is innovation.

ServiceNow has gained a reputation for being one of the best IT management software providers in the market. To keep up with users’ expectations, they launch innovative products that make employees’ lives easier and promote smooth workflow.


ServiceNow always strives to deliver great products and updates that their competitors have failed to integrate into their ITSM tools. That’s what makes ServiceNow employees’ and IT help desk providers the best choice.

The company keeps updating its functionalities, interface, flexibility, and interface to provide its users with the best and most effective features. We are excited to see the new features in ServiceNow’s Utah upgrade.

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