ServiceNow vs Competitors: A Comparison Of Features & Pricing

servicenow vs competitors

Handling management operations is not a cakewalk. You may have a team of 50+ employees looking after different departments. But when it comes to the IT infrastructure, you can’t settle for a random tool or your in-house team.

Outsourcing the IT help desk seems like the only viable option for managing simple to complex technical tasks. These companies do not just have a proficient team that’s available 24/7 at your disposal, but they use a wide range of ITSM tools for maximizing efficiency and streamlining all routine tasks.

ServiceNow is one such IT management software that’s renowned for its exceptional ITSM tools and excellent integration capabilities. The reports and analytics function give you detailed insights into your business’s IT infrastructure, issues resolved, issues raised, and other crucial metrics.

Here’s all you need to know about ServiceNow and its competitors.

ServiceNow Features and Pricing

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT management software known for automating all IT management tasks, ranging from ticket resolution to your entire IT infrastructure.

This ITIL-compatible tool is fully customizable and has a flexible pricing policy, which enables businesses of different sizes and natures to get their desired features.

Let’s take a look at the products and features of ServiceNow that sets this all-in-one software apart from its competitors.

1. IT Service Management

The scalable and customizable ITSM tool of ServiceNow is categorized into different packages, each packed with unique features that grow with your business. Its advanced incident management functionality supports intelligent ticket routing.

2. Automated Ticket Routing

The tickets are assigned to the agents automatically and are resolved quickly. The escalation process is also smooth. The tickets are escalated to an agent from the top-tier group if they are left unresolved for a specific period.

The problem management function identifies the underlying cause of the issues frequently raised by your clients. Once you have discovered the root cause of the issues, you can handle them proactively.

3. Customer Service Management

Service automation maximizes agents’ efficiency by allowing your team to focus on the most important IT operations, instead of the repetitive tasks. Machine learning improves employee workflow and makes management easier for the team.

The reports show you a clear picture of your employee’s performance, the number of tickets they have resolved so far, the response and resolution time, and so on. You can track your SLA progress to ensure that all your user needs and ITIL principles are met.

4. Omnichannel Support

With ServiceNow’s advanced ticket management module, you don’t have to worry about ticket handling. The software supports omnichannel ticket management, accepting tickets from all channels, including emails, phone, live chat, messages, and social media.

User inquiries are automatically converted into tickets. As discussed above, they are assigned to an agent based on the ticket’s complexity and the agent’s expertise. This saves you time in managing tickets manually.

5. IT Operation Management

ServiceNow follows a proactive approach. Your outsourced service desk can gather information about the latest tickets raised, security concerns, most frequent issues, and other similar metrics.

This allows them to resolve certain issues before they cause any serious workflow disruption. Managing IT operations is no longer a challenge with this secure and robust ITSM tool. You can manage certificates, events, and all operations from a single centralized dashboard.

6. Excellent Integration

ServiceNow has nearly all the features that a help desk company looks for in IT management software. Its seamless integration capabilities allow users to connect the tool with their on-premises and cloud-based software apps easily. Now there’s no need to transfer the data between IT tools and other software apps manually.

7. Pricing Policy

ServiceNow has not disclosed its pricing plan. It gives you a custom quote based on your unique requirements and business size. You can talk to an agent to get a quote.

ServiceNow vs Competitors

As popular as ServiceNow is, it lacks certain features that you can find in other ITSM tools. Besides, the pricing, interface, and overall applications of ServiceNow are different from their competitors.

1. Jira Service Management

Powered by Atlassian, this IT help desk management solution is compatible with all Atlassian software solutions and is a modern ticketing solution for all sizes of businesses.

The software has a clean and intuitive user interface with all functions arranged neatly on the dashboard. What makes it different from ServiceNow is that it has a free plan that offers up to three live agents and a host of features. Besides, Atlassian has several add-ons that are reasonably priced or entirely free, making Jira better.

2. Zendesk

A smooth ticket conversion and escalation process make Zendesk the best ticketing tool on the market. The UI is okay, but it may take some time to understand all functions. Zendesk is fully automated and is a robust IT solution.

However, its core capabilities are ticket resolution, which makes ServiceNow comparatively better. The latter covers other management processes and customer service.

That doesn’t mean Zendesk lacks anywhere. You just need to sign up for an advanced plan, costing up to $99 per month for a single agent, to avail all its features.

3. SysAid

SysAid is one of the best and most effective asset management software that tracks all assets (hardware and software) within your organization. It tracks the status of these assets, the license, uses, and other records.

Cost-wise, SysAid is better than ServiceNow. But the UI looks cluttered and the ticket management process on this cloud-based portal is not as efficient as in ServiceNow. Agents can resolve issues on-site and remotely. Overall, a good choice for tech-savvy users, but not as efficient as ServiceNow.


ServiceNow is a robust IT management software application that stands out with its unique features, advanced integration capabilities, and amazing customization options. It does have competitors that offer similar functions, but ServiceNow is your best bet if you are looking for a one-stop platform for your IT infrastructure.

Still, it’s advisable that you consider your company’s requirements and IT functions before selecting an IT management tool. Compare the features, pricing policy, and interface before making a decision.

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