How To Secure Office 365?

Secure Office 365

MS Office 365 emerges as the most preferred business solution platform. It helps all sizes and types of businesses to operate efficiently and securely. However, the user popularity of Office 365 also grabs hackers’ attention. According to research by Kaspersky, more than 70% of cyber-attacks in 2022 targeted the MS Office platform. This scenario is a matter of concern for all businesses, especially IT service desk services.

However, your business data is safe with MS Office 365 as this platform protects against all kinds of cyber threats. With your Office 365 subscription, you get protection from malware, phishing, and spam. The platform not only provides premium emails, cloud storage, and business solution apps but also ensures advanced security systems.

You can opt for multiple cyber security features of Office 365 to protect your network and data from probable threats. The Office’s advanced encryption system safeguards both your stored and transformed data. However, to avail all the security benefits, you need to execute these security protocols in your system properly.

This article illustrates some of the crucial rules to secure your MS Office 365 account. So, let’s learn how to prevent internal and external threats from encountering your account.

Important Measures to Secure Your Office 365 Account

Cyber threat has become a risk for all business areas, and MS Office 365 is not an exception. So, it is the need of the hour to take proper measures to secure your Office 365 account. Here are the factors to consider for securing Office 365 accounts.

1. Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, includes user verification in two steps and is now a common but unavoidable security measure. It creates an additional protective layer by sending a code to the registered mobile number of the users. Then the users will enter the code to log in to their MS 365 account.

MFA is a simple process but is one of the most effective methods to strengthen cyber protection in your organization. If the hackers obtain the username and password of an account, they will fail to match the verification code. So, they won’t be able to access the account.

With your MS Office 365 subscription, you will automatically get the two-step verification enabled in your account. You can select one of the two below methods during the setting process.

  • Microsoft Authenticator App: You can download this free verification app on your mobile to receive a notification. Then you need to respond to this notification to log into your account.
  • SMS Message: You will receive an authentication code via SMS that you need to enter as a login credential.

2. Employee Awareness

As cyber-attacks have become common, organizations need to make employees aware of various cyber threats. It will help reduce any drawbacks from the end of internal network users. If your staff are well aware of these threats, they can sense any fraudulent activities. It will also safeguard your IT help desk from being trapped by hackers.

So, organizations should have a transparent cyber security program, and all employees be a part of it. This trend will create responsibility and awareness among employees. You can follow the below methods to increase cyber security awareness in the organization.

  • Train Your Employees: Educate the employees, especially the new joiners, on malicious activities. They should learn MS Office 365 security aspects, such as creating strong passwords, and follow them.
  • Stay Updated on New Cyber Threats: Hackers come with a new sophisticated threat almost every day. So, organizations also need to be constantly updated and send emails to employees about security issues. Further regular training sessions will help users be conscious of any suspicious activities.

3. Device Protection

The devices connected to your network are the prime gateway for hackers to access your business data. It may be your office computer or an employee’s mobile or tablet from which they access the business accounts. So, it is crucial to take protective measures for all devices.

For this, proper safety settings in the devices are a prime necessity. Besides, you can introduce security policies for all employees to follow. The admin can also change settings or delete the memory of a device if find anything wrong.

4. Regular Review of Security Policy

Hackers are continuously trying to evolve a new threat. So, you also need to always be prepared for preventing such attacks. For this, you should review and update your security policy regularly. Besides, it is crucial to track the organizational environment and user activities. It will help you bridge the gap between your security policy and organizational requirements.

MS Office 365 security system entitles you to initiate an alert technique to warn you about probable susceptibilities. It notifies you about any abnormal changes in your network system. So, you can prevent the threat at the very initial stage.

5. Advanced Backup of Data

MS Office 365 provides all advanced security features, but still, your network may be at risk. A new sophisticated cyber-attack may break all your preventive measures. It will damage both your organizational reputation and financial stability. So, it is of utmost importance to be prepared to handle such extreme scenarios. The best way to recover your business data after infiltration is to keep an advanced data backup solution.

There are many third-party backup solutions available that you can integrate with Microsoft 365 apps. In this case, the third-party organization will be fully responsible for data safety. You will only configure the security settings and integrate the app with Office 365. This measure will also enable you to provide flawless help desk support services.


MS Office 365 provides you with an unmatched business solution along with advanced security features. So, your business data is always safe in the Office 365 platform. Its advanced encryption system safeguards both your stored and transformed data. However, Hackers never sit idle and continuously try to develop a new threat for your organization. So, you also need to prepare yourself that way. This post includes some crucial steps to follow to secure your Office 365 accounts.

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