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After-Hours Call Center for the Hospitality Industry

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Hospitality is a sector where you and your business are constantly under scrutiny. With the arrival of rating and review sites like Yelp, you must always keep on top of the game. We can help maintain an impeccable service record with our after-hours service for the hospitality industry.

There has never been a time when booking a holiday or trip or finding the perfect hotel was easier. With services like couch-surfing or Air BnB, the world of hospitality has been ripped wide open. There are what feels like a million new players in the game at any given moment. And it’s your job to stay on top of it all. Constantly. You need to be available 24/7. Our after hours support service for the hospitality industry is tailored exactly to what you and your business need.


Remember when you were in charge of where to advertise and what your potential customers got to see and read about your business? Those days are long gone. You need to be in touch with your customers all the time to avoid negative reviews and avoid leaving a bad impression.


A contact that was missed is just as bad as a contact that was bad. And the old saying of “it takes 12 good contacts to drown out one bad one” still holds true to this day. The difference now is, that your guests and customers do not need to ever return to you. There are too many other choices now.


We can provide solutions that go far beyond just being an overnight room reservation service, reception desk, or switchboard.


But while your dedication can stretch itself over every single aspect of your business, your resources most certainly cannot reach that far. It is simply impossible to have a 24-hour workday. If you try it, you will burn yourself out sooner rather than later.


This is where we can help. No business is too small, no BnB too remote. Timezones, regional differences, and technological difficulties don’t mean a thing to us. Our after-hours service for the hospitality industry doesn’t just allow big clients to benefit from our extensive training – all that expertise is available for your family to utilize, too.


Do you need a good night’s sleep but have to stay alert all night because someone might call in to make a reservation? Or are you worried you’ll miss a call with some vital questions?
We can answer all questions for your customers, we can take over the reservations for when you go to bed. We understand that running a family business is hard work. We can help.


You take care of providing excellent food and service to your customers. We can take care of reservations, information, or high profile clients who happen to call in out of hours. We can manage calls from reps or maintenance and log all the needed information so you can go home knowing you won’t miss any crucial information.


Have you ever come into your restaurant in the morning only to find your answering machine full of nasty surprises? Two employees have called out sick, you’ve missed the plumber because of a sudden schedule change, and your beverage rep wants to meet at 5pm instead of 6pm but you can’t make that?


What if in that scenario, somebody would have rescheduled the employees to cover for the missing staff, told the plumber to reschedule or informed you sooner, and rearranged your 6pm appointment so you have enough time to talk to your rep?

This is what 31West’s after-hours help desk for hospitality can do for you.


So you’re planning an event, but you don’t have the infrastructure in place to make it work? You need more trained staff on short notice but there’s no way you can find more team members to man the reservation lines?
An after-hours service for events and entertainment can provide much-needed relief. Our call centers are specially equipped to handle high volumes of calls in a short notice period, and our staff are able to get trained incredibly fast, so you can rest assured your potential guests get the very best service they deserve. This will give them an amazing impression of you and turn them into return customers.


Our solutions for after-hours services for the entertainment industry are as varied and exciting as the industry itself. 31west global service has a wide range of expertise and is ready to get down to business in a matter of moments.

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