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With the tech sector growing as fast as it is, you can never allow yourself to rest. We’ve got you covered for our specially designed solutions for after-hours IT service for the technology industry.

Do you know the drill? As soon as the helpdesk does offline, most customers miraculously begin experiencing all of their tech problems. Desktops go blue, smartphones freeze up, apps that were working perfectly fine just a minute ago go buggy. And you come in to find a dozen or more tickets logged or emails in your inbox.


And the ticket logging system is yet another marvel… consumers and customers often don’t provide the info you need, which delays resolution time even more. But how are consumers supposed to know what info you need to get their problem solved quickly? And why should they care, they just want their device or app to work again correctly.
With the tech sector being as international as it is today, someone somewhere is always awake to use your product. You need to be available for them continuously.


Are you familiar with the old “after hours” sections on most websites for technical support? “We don’t have chat right now, write us an email!” or “If you need after-hours support, please press 1. For an emergency, please press 2”. That doesn’t really cut it.
Another nightmare scenario is when the after-hours service basically covers only the most simple of procedures that don’t really help a customer with real problems or refer to the main support team when going gets tough.


But most users can’t afford to wait that long. The tech sector works with some of the most innovative and complicated resources out there, and as a provider of apps, hardware, or software, you must always stay right on the pulse of the times.


So there you have it. Your support desk really ought to never go offline. But who pays for that? Your CEO just wanted an app, but everything that comes with it, well… that’s a whole new issue, and one you need to tackle.


What gives?

Ticket Creation Solutions

Here at 31West, we understand the struggles of being a modern company. This is why we have taken a keen interest in developing fast-paced solutions for after-hours support for the tech industry to heart. We can offer help desks that are highly trained and able to log tickets in your specific ticketing system, giving your sys admin peace of mind and a restful night’s sleep.
We can ensure that no problem goes unnoticed and no user is left frustrated.


Have you noticed that tickets that are logged automatically are often categorized the wrong way? Or the user (whose job it really isn’t to understand ticketing systems) miscategorizes something leading to their issue not getting the attention it needs or ending up in the wrong work order or queue?


That can be avoided if someone is there at all times to ensure tickets are categorized in a meaningful and correct way and sent to the person that will be able to solve the problem.
Another problem we often see is that users will log multiple tickets while the service is offline because they can’t be sure their ticket is actually logged and registered in the system. Again, a human touch can work wonders here, reassuring your end-user that their problem is being looked at, thus avoiding the creation of multiple or duplicate tickets.


But we can do so much more than just logging tickets.

Repeat Issues

A big problem tech companies face is that their products require constant improvement, constant tweaking, and constant debugging. But how can you be sure you’ve caught all the possible bugs if half of your service calls go unanswered? With our after-hour support for the technology industry, we can assure you that repeat issues are appropriately flagged and marked as such, so you can take affirmative action to fix that bug once and for all.
We can also discover trends or bigger problems that may go unnoticed for a longer period of time without constant monitoring.

Users know a ChatBot when they see one

Chatbots are a great resource, and they help out a lot. But the truth of the matter is, you still need a human touch when it comes to complicated and technical customer support. This is especially true if you deal with end-users directly. A consumer will not be able to follow complicated instructions from a knowledge base, and their frustration levels may even grow if they’re faced with yet more technology that isn’t quite up to scratch.
This is why it’s especially important to install functioning and highly trained after-hours support in the tech industry.


This is why 31West can provide real support with real solutions, not just a surface-level reassurance to customers that their issues are taken care of. We go in deep. We can troubleshoot, we can fix problems. All while your core employees and teams go about their own lives.

Technical areas we can cover

31West provides after-hours support for the tech industry in a variety of ways. Our agents can help out with simple stuff such as password resets or basic troubleshooting.
Your users won’t even notice that they’re speaking to someone who’s not on your core team, since we are also able to go through complicated protocols with them and provide in-depth incident tracking as well as case management from start to finish. All of this is happening in your natural environment, and in your actual logging systems, so you don’t need to worry about losing any data or info while you’re offline.


In summary, we can provide you with an excellent after-hours service for the tech industry that covers help desks, customer support, tech support, technical troubleshooting, and ticket maintenance.
Your system administrator will be grateful to get the extra helping hand and your end-users and customers will be stunned at your quick SLAs and turnaround time.

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