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After-Hours Call Center for the Logistics Industry

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Supply chains and trade have come a long way. The logistics industry is global now. And as global players, you need a partner that can assure your lines are covered, no matter what the time zone and no matter what the situation. Our after-hours service for logistics can help.

The transportation and logistics industry suffers – as many do – from an ever-evolving market that seems to change more rapidly every year. 15 years ago, automatic delivery was not even something anybody would have dreamed of, and now drones deliver goods directly to customers. And it’s not even a big deal anymore.


Transportation needs to change and evolve. Your staffing needs to change alongside it. With the advent of self-driving cars and trucks coming ever closer on the horizon, what you need to focus on is innovation, and driving change. It’s understandable, therefore, if your staffing or after-hours service is lacking. You need to be available all the time for both your customers as well as vendors, drivers, and partners. Our after-hours call center for the logistics industry can handle all of that for you.


31West operates in the US, Europe, and the UK. We understand different market requirements because we are already in those markets. With our broad range of experience, we can provide you with customized solutions for your needs.


Our teams have the know-how and experience to handle anything from customs information to fleet tracking, freight tracking, or fulfillment. Even across borders or state lines. We achieve this by taking the necessary steps to ensure our teams are educated for the local as well as global circumstances. Infrastructure is a real problem facing most modern logistics and transportation companies. You need to be on top of that.


How can we help? We can provide a backup call center and help desk when your drivers are stuck out in the field. Our after-hours service centers for the logistics industry is available 24/7 to take care of your driver’s needs. Even if the infrastructure isn’t in place, we can help by providing alternatives, finding solutions, or creating escalation tickets, while your core team is offline.


Your customers are demanding more and their needs are differentiating quicker than before. You need to find a way to deliver individual service while maintaining a homogenized, international presence. That has become even harder to do, now that 24/7 customer support has become the norm. With our after-hours customer service for the logistics industry, we can take care of your customers from every time zone and cultural background, so that you can focus on your core business.


Let 31West and our after-hours service for logistics take care of the rest, such as Business to Business help centers, an outreach desk for vendors and clients. We can take care of enquiries, handle claims. We can even track fulfillment for you by creating a dedicated fulfillment call center at a very low cost. We can even set up a desk to take care of reverse logistics, by tracking and handling returns and logging all available and needed data in the appropriate ticketing system.


Even though most logistics companies will deal on a business-to-business level, customer service is still immensely important. As our industries melt into one another, and globalisation hits even the most locally sourced company, you need to adapt to the needs of an international audience. And most customers (even if they are business customers) have gotten used to the level of service a big international chain is able to provide them with. It is hard to be able to compete on that level. We can help you achieve a level of service that rivals even the biggest and best.


What happens if one of your most trusted vendors decides to change their headquarter’s location to a completely different time zone? What had been a very easy daily meeting or call could now become a major headache, and you might need to consider a new vendor. Or, you could engage our highly trained help center service, and let us handle everything that comes in from that inconvenient time zone. You get a report in the morning with every info you need to know and everything you’ve missed. You never need to worry about what another company does or doesn’t do because your availability has become global, even though you don’t need to be.

Overall Service

We can offer a wide range of services that have been uniquely customized to fit the needs of the logistics and transportation industry. In our after-hours service for logistics, we can offer the setup of an after-hours help desk for drivers, a call center for your customers, a claims handling division for vendors, technical support for clients, and much, much more.


Have you ever struggled to track your fleet or freight because you’re understaffed when it comes to the nighttime hours or holidays? What if we had been there to answer that call and provide support, solutions, and backup?


Have you lost a contract because a potential client called after you’d already left for the day? What if we had been there to answer that call and provided a fully-fledged market rate quote and closed that deal for you?


31West knows logistics as well as you do. We can help get you there.

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