Why Outsourced IT Help Desk is Important For Your Business

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Outsource IT help desk services

Enterprises today, need their resources in place, to move forward, to take their business to the next level. With so many areas to cater to, it might get overwhelming to manage emails, routine work, customers seeking support, the list is endless. Having said that, all of the above issues remain high on your priority list, let alone be ignored. That’s why companies that provide outsourcing of help desk services are of great importance to businesses who are looking to facilitate IT operations and boost progress, both simultaneously.

4 Reasons To Outsource IT Help Desk For Growth

Simply put, you get quicker solutions, you work better. An efficient IT Help Desk service trims and centralizes communications because all customer issues will be dealt with, by one primary source, that receives and allots them systematically, thus allowing for seamless functioning.

  1. Augment Productivity:
    A specialized, outsourced IT Help Desk support partner will handle customer care, as well as any hitches or pitfalls that cause annoying delays so that your IT professionals can focus on their core functions, which is most crucial for a business’s advancement. Also, with swift automation features that Help Desks add to your systems, your work gets done faster.
    Besides, a competent Help Desk provides that all customer issues be handled from one portal, ensuring consistency along with speed. All in all, it serves a seamless experience for the customer. Happy customers make for good advocates and result in good reviews for the business. A win-win for everyone!
  2. No More Recurring Issues:
    When business is booming, problems are bound to arise. An organized Help Desk service provider tracks and analyses issues that come in, giving insights into the recurring ones, areas that need to consider upgrading, to avoid any future occurrence. Service Desk will retain information, incidents, and performance results, for reference purposes and help you make informed decisions.
  3. Updated Knowledge Portal:
    With an array of problems and their respective evaluations at a centralized place, an outsourced HelpDesk company will maintain and update a database for your business. What this does for your business is, it offers probable solutions for an issue, without the customers reaching out to an executive. Customers, especially the self-helping ones, who’d rather find their way out, would love nothing more than such efficiency in a business and will spread a good word about your service.
  4. Build Credibility:
    Competition is cut-throat in the industry, with every company trying to get one upon each other. What helps you stand out is the unparalleled service you provide. Implementing services desk is a sign of a credible business, it means that you care for your customers and it shows. Not only will your existing clientele stay loyal, but a trustworthy business will attract new customers effortlessly.
  5. Scalability, As & When Required:
    A flourishing business on its way to expansion, launching a new product or service, may lead to a steep rise in customer inquiries. Your outsourced IT Help Desk partner is capable of offering complete support and can scale up and down to face any change in demand. Burdening in-house staff with this added responsibility may prove to be a deterrent, and thus not advisable.

What Can An Outsourced IT Help Desk Offer You?

  1. Room for Growth
    Businesses dream to have all departments work in sync, like a well-oiled machine, a dream which is not realized if employees are continuously bogged down with IT issues, while they can’t neglect customer calls that continue to pour in. Collaborate with an outsourced IT HelpDesk to take these issues off your hands and allow for a relaxed environment, one that is conducive to growth. Think out-of-the-box, newer, revenue-generating strategies, to up your game.
  2. Access to Skilled Resources
    Setting up a competent, in-house IT support staff, capable of managing any technical issue under-the-sun, could probably strain your resources and may not be a practical solution. Outsourced Help Desk companies go that extra mile to hire the greatest minds, the best in the field. Partnering with a reputed Service Desk company allows you to benefit from their expertise, ensuring your employees and customers are in safe hands
  3. Faster Response Time
    A Help Desk system generally involves remote access, saving on transportation and labor costs, while generating a quicker response to troubleshoot problems. With an emergency protocol system in place, you can ensure your customers are taken care of, at a moment’s notice, 24/7. Meanwhile, your IT professionals can focus on fortifying the company’s software and hardware needs, keeping you one step ahead.
  4. Allows More Time for Core Business Activities
    Essentially, when you associate with quality IT Help Desk provider, you have unlimited access to reliable support staff, your IT department is less burdened and can refocus on improving core IT processes. The ripple effect it creates on your business as a whole will boost productivity, and slingshot it to success. In today’s world, enterprises must keep innovating, do what they’re best at, as long as they contribute to the enterprise. Outsourcing support desk frees up crucial time for you to reinvent, and focus on your targets.

Compare Outsourced IT Help Desk Service Providers

31West Global Services

  • Fixed monthly cost – no cost overrun
  • No long-term contracts. Monthly billing
  • SLA Contract driven services
  • Flexible service plans
  •  Ramp up & Ramp down anytime


  • Per incident fee – expensive in the long run
  • Rigid to dynamic changes – why over pay
  • Ramp-up & Ramp-down is slow
  •  Service quality issues
  • Fixed-term binding contracts

The Big Question - Cost!

Though you may be sold on the idea of outsourcing IT HelpDesk services, let’s admit it, pricing is an important element. You may say, ‘But those are added costs!’. But consider the monetary impact you’ll face when you face tech issues that can bring work to a standstill, or even worse, your customers come up with queries that you don’t have answers to. Those are costs you don’t want to incur.

  • Lower Operational Cost
    Pricing modules may differ among IT Help Desk Service Companies, depending on the ticket volumes, your business requires. Besides, instead of paying full salaries like your in-house staff, you pay only for the services you use. Make sure, in the long run, they can scale as per your growth.
  • Accelerated Growth
    Think big. Think long-term. It’s an investment that you undertake, one that will yield in due course, in terms of happy customers and enhanced volumes. You do your job of taking your company forward. Let the experts take over.

Choosing the best service desk outsourcing company may be a Herculean task, with every provider offering a varied skill set. Work out your own requirements, consider the experience you’d like for your customers, take your time to make an informed decision.  

To Conclude...

In the current scenario, businesses must go above and beyond, to maintain a positive brand image, for which providing ultimate customer service is the key. Outsourcing Support Desk is essential, cost-effective, and imperative if you want your business to shine.

So, if you’re waiting for the perfect company to come by, the time is NOW.

Join us, Join 31 West. Discover a  service desk provider that is tailored to your needs.
Let us help you take your business to new heights. Together, We will.

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