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IT Help Desk

Computers, Servers & All Devices.

Application Support

Legacy, Proprietary or Custom.

Server Support

Exchange, AD, Redhat, Ubuntu etc

After Hours Help Desk

After Hours, Weekend & Holidays covered.

VPN Help Desk

Your VPN customer will never worry.

Back Office Services

Data Entry & all Back Office Services

Customer Service

Multi-channel inbound customer support

Order Taking Service

Phone order taking & processing.

Mobile Apps Support

Android & IOS, Native & Hybrid. Development, Maintenance & Support
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24x7x365 Services

True 24x7 Services covering all time zones.

Simple & Affordable Prices

Transparent pricing; no hidden charges.

No Long Term Contracts

Minimum contract period is 1 month

Training Period Free

Billing starts when services go live.

Multi-Channel Service Delivery

Email, Live Chat, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Rich Experience

13+ years of rich industry experience.

Stringent Data Security

Excellent physical & digital security.

Quality Auditors

Internal QA team assures best quality.

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Why Us

When you are a small to medium sized business that generates inbound call center services’ requests, you need to focus your resources to leverage the best return on your investment. With the expense of running an inbound call center or help desk, it isn’t always cost effective to manage customer service in-house, as opposed to contracting to an expert call center outsourcing company.

Call Center Services

Our dedicated and well-trained staff provide the superlative call center solutions your clients deserve. Take advantage of our 14 years of contact center experience to deliver ummatched call center services & solutions that best attends to your needs. While you maintain control over all vital & non-vital processes.

Our team works with you to create a call center plan with the right staff, training, tech capabilities and applications. You can access these call center applications online in real time to correlate customer communications with sales and other business processes, inhouse and outsourced.

There are no long term commitments to make when working with 31West, the trusted customer support services & solutions company, so you can utilize our tech help desk without fear of signing a binding contract. Our billing processes are easy to understand and we don’t charge you until we start answering your company’s emails & chats and technical help desk issues.

With no contracts, no hidden fees and staff that is experienced in delivering awesome customer experience, you can turn to 31West when your customers need assistance. Don’t let the exorbitant costs of running an inbound customer support discourage you from outsourcing your customer contact center. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with your call center services and help desk needs.

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