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When it comes to the travel industry, there is no such thing as “after” hours. Your hours must be 24/7/365. And your service and availability must match that. Our after-hours service for the travel industry can help you achieve that.

There was a time when consumers almost never booked their own flights or dealt directly with airlines or even coaches, busses, or long-haul train trips. There was a time when booking your own flight or holiday would have been an absolute nightmare. A consumer would have had to call several airlines, several hotels, they would have had to get quotes and dates, and… it was a nightmare. So certified travel agents took over all these tasks and did them masse. Airlines and travel companies only had to deal with a certain set of people, who were professionals. The industry as a whole was very much set up to be business to business. That has been completely flipped upside down. Now, the travel industry is very much a consumer’s paradise (or nightmare… depending on how you look at it). Consumers have the option to pick out their every move, and they get offered hundreds of choices for each of those tiny moves. You cannot afford to sleep. With our after-hours call center services for the travel industry, you don’t have to.


Single-person travel has increased dramatically over time. This has led to an increase of contact with help centers because people are no longer relying on travel agents, groups traveling together, or pre-planned holidays. In order to keep up with a higher demand for customer service in all travel situations, you need to scale up your customer outreach quickly. The best solution here is to let us help you scale up your staffing so that no customer call goes unanswered.


People are traveling to more exotic destinations. With the advent of the individual holiday also came a rise in extraordinary travel arrangements. People are no longer interested in seeing and traveling to the big tourist destinations, they’re interested in forging their own ways. At the same time, they expect to receive the same kind of service in a remote location as they do in the busiest of city centers. We can help you make sure that no location or destination is underserved when it comes to customer service and advice.

In the Air

Long haul and short-haul – more people opt into flying now than ever before. Flying has become cheaper, more convenient, and safer over the last few decades. It is becoming the go-to option for many travelers these days. And why wouldn’t it? Booking flights has become the easiest thing in the world, it can be done with a few clicks, or even on a smartphone. This “instant” culture comes with a lot of new opportunities, but it also comes with a lot of drawbacks.


There are no more “downtime” hours. There is no such thing as a “quiet” time of the year when it comes to flying anymore. The holiday season extends 365 days now. More people fly for business now than ever, as our markets and jobs become ever more globalized. And travel for pleasure has also become more.


It is almost superfluous to point out that if you wish to participate in this market and this economy, you need to be fully available 24/7/365. And with our backup teams and after-hours service for the travel industry, you can be.
We can provide relief for overflow, help out your customer service desks, provide tech support for your people on the ground or even help with booking and scheduling.

On the Ground

Busses, rail, short and long-distance public or private transport has been transformed by the advent of the internet. Ticket counters (and the people manning them) are a thing of the past. Everything is connected through the internet of things now. A customer’s smartphone will interact directly with a conductor’s ticket machine, transferring information that used to require a piece of paper. In this glorious new age, how can you possibly keep up?
Where there is innovation, there is room for issues, technical problems, or human error. This is why you need to have a dedicated team available that can take care of any questions that arise. Our after-hours service for the travel industry is just that.
We can provide booking services, help desks, or customer service to cover your peak times, holidays, or night hours.


We operate internationally. The advantage this brings is that we already know the market you’re trying to reach. We have the language, the training, the infrastructure to be able to work in a global environment without having to set anything up – we’re already there!
Our international after-hours call centers for the travel industry can offer support via chat, IM, social media, or phones. We are already available 24/7, so when you need to scale up or when you require a helping hand, we are here.



Even if you serve the local community, you need to be available all the time. As even the most rural areas become part of globalization, public and private local transport become globalized as well. Transport and travel need to be available all the time, and that, of course, means that your customer service needs to be available all the time as well.


31West can also offer solutions for help desks for drivers or vendors, so no one ever has to stay late. Our after-hours service for the transport industry can provide you with thoroughly researches solutions to every problem you come across.


One of the biggest challenges any travel company faces is that in today’s world, everything is connected. And we hold devices in the palms of our hands that allow us to create a seamless experience wherever we go. But this also means that customers have a variety of choices available to them. In order to stay at the top of the list, you must provide exceptional customer service on all channels. A help desk and a phone number are no longer enough. We can help set up a social media outreach channel or tech support so that you never miss a connection.

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