How To Provide A Memorable Customer Experience

memorable customer experience


The customer is king and we need to learn how to please the king if we have to survive in this kingdom. In the midst of chaos and innumerable options that surround customers, it’s not just solving a problem that will leave a mark but creating a memorable customer experience becomes a necessary survival tactic.

The key to the success of any brand or product is creating a loyal customer base. A hook could be anything that will induce them to come back to you. Looking beyond conventional methods of providing a great customer experience is a given — the basic ones just provide a transactional experience. Hence, the need to get a fresh perspective for new methods.

Here are few such tips that will help you to leave a mark in your customer’s memories.

1. Go The Extra Mile

Going the extra mile to serve your customers will always make you stand out from the crowd. Are you wondering how can this be done over a brief interaction with the customer? Implementing immediate solutions which lie outside the protocol and doing small acts of kindness such as extracting information that might not be in the script but needed by the customer are some of the ways to go the extra mile.

These changes will turn the transactional experience, an empathizing act. When you help your customers when they are in need, they acknowledge it and most often express gratitude by spreading the word or coming back to you.

2. Hire Brand Ambassadors

Your customer service executives are nothing less than your brand ambassadors. They represent your brand and they are the voice of your brand when interacting with the customers. You can train and impart knowledge regarding your products but to establish a connection with someone is an inborn ability.  Hire your after hours call center executives carefully and analyze them for their innate ability to build a bond instantaneously.

3. Always Touch The Right Nerve

Analysing your customer feedback is not an occasional task but a constant process. Take a look at what your customers’ likes or dislikes and analyze them. Don’t just stop here, communicate the findings to your on-ground executives and ask them to implement it. Get every insight out of your customer data to get the right points or the right nerves that will create a memorable experience.

4. Ditch The Script

Customer experience is not just limited to the one-time transaction, it’s a journey of a number of interactions. Most of the customer care interactions are scripted so much that it feels like we are talking to a bot and not an actual person. Let your employees deviate from the script dialogues every now and then and let them a create a personalized experience for the customer. A structured conversation with a human touch will make a huge difference.

5. Skip The Crowd

Use phrases that not only resonate with customers but also remind them specifically about the brand. Aren’t we all tired of the generous good morning wishes and elevator music on endless customer care calls? Deviate from the usual norms and try something different. Let your customers remember you for a long time after they have hung up on the call. If you don’t give them a reason, they will never find one to recall.

Customer experience is as important as the product itself. A memorable customer experience and a product that serves beyond the average needs is the secret to the brand’s success. Creating a memorable customer experience on a call within a few minutes is not an easy task. But it is certainly possible to accomplish. Transcending the age-old transactional experience to a personalized experience is the first step to dive into your customer’s mind. Meaningful, fun, unusual and unexpected experiences influence the way customers perceive you in general.

A great product will cater to functional needs but memorable customer service will build an emotional and personal connect. A memorable customer experience will embed your brand’ image in the customer’s mind.

It’s the little things that let customers recall their experiences. As providing a memorable customer experience is an on-going process it becomes highly difficult to replicate unlike products and other services and will help you to establish a unique competitive advantage. Though you can follow the above points to create a memorable customer experience, don’t hesitate to experiment and come up with new ideas.

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