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24/7 availability is imperative for companies aspiring to grow rapidly. Maintaining an in-house after hours call center team is challenging and may not be feasible, especially if the support traffic is low.


We understand this dilemma – Low Traffic, High Cost, No RoI. To solve this problem, we designed a low cost, outsourced after-hours call center plan which is just right for your business.

Our after-hours plan provides a full spectrum of support call center services for all types of businesses. Our highly trained and certified customer support specialists are available to interact with your customers and deliver prompt, accurate assistance in multiple areas, including inbound customer service, help desk, billing, enrolment, customer inquiries, verification services, and more.

Key Features of After-Hours Call Center Services

  • ✓ Week-day Coverage: 7:00 PM to 10:00 AM Pacific
  • ✓ Weekend Coverage: 24 hours
  • ✓ Service Channels: Phone, Email, Live Chat
  • ✓ Low Cost, Immediate RoI
  • ✓ Complete Tier 1 support (not just phone answering or message taking service)
  • ✓ Seamless, least-effort transitioning process
  • Fully trained support reps
  • ✓ Go-Live in 1-2 weeks

After Hours Call Center Support Coverage

Plan 12HPD

Mon – Fri7:00 PM to 7:00 AM per day
Sat & Sun24 hours per day

Pacific Time

Plan 15HPD

Mon – Fri7:00 PM to 10:00 AM per day
Sat & Sun24 hours per day

Pacific Time

After Hours Call Center Support Channels

  1. Phone or Chat Support
  2. Email Support
  3. Outbound Notifications Calls
  4. Support Ticket Management

Nature of After Hours Answering Service

  1. Tier-1 support. Please refer to this page for Tier-1 details.
  2. Ticket creation, updation, allocation.
  3. Allocate incoming tickets to appropriate teams.
  4. Monitoring & responding to notifications.
  5. Triage & gather information for Tier-2 / escalation.
  6. Call on-duty executives for urgent matters.

Guaranteed SLA

  1. Phone Response time: <5 rings
  2. Chat Response time: <60 secs
  3. Email Response time: <15 mins

Key Benefits of Our After Hours Call Center Services

  1. Win new business which require 24/7 availability
  2. No more sleepless nights
  3. Enjoy your weekends
  4. Higher employee retention
  5. Tremendous cost saving

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