10 Best Apps for Companies to Manage Content

Manage Content

Every company is looking to increase its efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness. One common topic that has been in current discussions is the ability of an enterprise to manage content aimed at different audiences across the ever-growing channels. Information is part of the big content quotation and the potential for insights and intelligence dramatically expands when content is augmented and enhanced with public content leading to the content explosion.

Since the time, Google started valuing good content for SEO, companies, and websites have spin-off tons of new content every day. Some of it is useful, most of the content is just to keep the blog active and running in the eyes of Google. Unleashing this content can be overwhelming for an average reader especially for companies with huge responsibilities like inbound call center outsourcing companies. However, content from the social stream, blogs, comments, tweets, and ratings can be directed into the hearts and minds of those who need it in an efficient way. There are apps that such companies can use to help organize what they wish to read and also throws relevant content at them instead of having to fetch it.

Here are 10 Apps that Help You Deal with Content Explosion:


Docurated is one of the best cloud-based apps that can be used to find, organize and throw relevant content for companies inundated with information. It is a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform that helps enterprises unlock the best content providing an innovative tool to turn all the content stored in local repositories and in the cloud into actionable resources. The platform works by automatically discovering the content created and analyzing how the content is relevant. Docurated is being used to influence deals and then surface the relevant content to those who need it at the right time. Users, therefore, do not have to spend a lot of time researching the content to use: Docurated just delivers the content that is most relevant. Docurated’s content recommendation algorithm keeps getting savvier over time thanks to machine learning.


Tinderbox is a web-based application used to assist in personal content management. It allows users to explore, track, arrange, store, and publish content. Users can customize it to automate the time-consuming and error-prone steps or organize highly engaging content. With Tinderbox, you can build, engage and present trackable content and gain valuable insight from prospect engagement and close business smoothly and efficiently.


This is a mobile platform that helps in increasing the productivity of users while providing relevant data on interactions. Showpad is an app that turns every device from tablet to smartphone and PC into a powerful presentation tool. It makes it possible to provide sales reps, customers and partners with the right information in any format giving analytics and insights on how a customer responds to the shared information without having to fetch it. Showpad helps people access approved content while on the go.

With Showpad one can:

Access any sales collateral either online or offline while on the go.

Share and personalize content

Track how prospects are engaging with shared content

Identify new opportunities to reach out


Filtr8 is a simple, friendly, yet powerful platform that helps users to engage people in a better way, using the clever, relevant, and informative content which the platform’s engine discovers around the web. High-quality content marketing is about providing relevant information and smart content to your visitors and customers in an excellent way, and this is what Filtr8 enables users to exactly do. Users become publishers of their own brand magazine with great stories from around the web, brought to them automatically Filtr8’s discovery engine.

The app delivers newly discovered articles into the Filtr8 Newsroom where users can explore them and decide which ones to publish. You just have to define your media feeds once, and Filtr8 will keep looking for new relevant items.


Brainshark is a cloud-based ready tool to manage content that provides users with an enhanced organization and access to content. It allows you to access the most critical content from a single location allowing you to get the content you need when you need it. With Brainshark custom filters, you can organize your content in ways that mirror your business processes with customizable filters that are logical to users. Brainshark featured content displays relevant content prominently at the top of your portal to allow maximum visibility. You can use the Brainshark personal organization and favorites feature to identify the content you frequently use and organize it into your own lists for fast and easy access.


Bloomfire offers useful tools and easy ways to capture text and narratives through rich editors. It also provides video and screen capture tools that support a variety of interactions. IT specialists will appreciate Bloomfire’s integration with single sign-on while all businesses find its ability to reference customer relationship management data valuable. An extensive cloud storage integration eliminates the need to switch clients when needed to manage content stored in Google Drive and Dropbox. Bloomfire is a strong contender for organizations looking to white label their content as well as eternal communities who need a third-party technology solution. Bloomfire’s content centricity extends to analytics, providing insights into what is being contributed and viewed, the type of content posted, and the identification of leading users and contributors. It delivers with full-text index across all its content types with filters and weights making the search results more relevant.


SKURA is a market-leading content deployment app that helps you to easily import content across all channels and devices on one platform. It helps in organizing and presenting digital content on your preferred device. SKURA content management system increases the relevance and importance of content, helping the organizations to lure potential customers with customized content that is not only relevant but also compelling to them. SKURA is an effective analytics solution that provides in-depth insights and reviews on the effectiveness of the content.


CallidusCloud is an app that provides users with the right content to help further business opportunities and help manage content too. It has an enablement solution that prioritizes productivity through providing users with content analytics, anytime access to content, and an improved alignment between marketing and sales. The CallidusCloud’s Enablement Portal acts as a one-stop shop for content helping to reduce the time users spend in searching for collateral. The application helps protect sensitive data by allowing users to create user roles and ensures the correct access levels are applied.


SpringCM is a Web-based application and enterprise solution to manage content, providing workflow and cloud document management solutions for businesses. It is recognized as a market leader in enterprise-class on-demand content management. SpringCM delivers an affordable and easy-to-deploy tool to manage content and workflow solutions in a Web-based environment. It eliminates software installations, prolonged customization cycles, and hardware maintenance associated with on-premises applications. SpringCM has online file storage capabilities that allow fast access to the content offering users a more efficient way to search and find the exact content they need from anywhere.


Highspot is a platform that aims to close the loop between businesses and customers. It is a platform that can show users the specific content they need, depending on the relevance and the importance of the content. Users can access collateral from within, and send it directly to prospects without having to leave the opportunity. Highspot provides a number of flexible ways to present content to customers and provides real-time insights into whether the targeted audiences find the content engaging. Users can use Highspot’s semantic search feature to narrow down the content and apply data efficiently.

As data explosion is increasingly affecting business, developers and coming up with effective apps and tools to help deal with it. Companies, therefore, need to figure out how to evaluate, implement and execute the most efficient solution using one of the apps to make their business processes more effective, help their teams run more efficiently, and increase productivity.

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