4 Tips for Choosing a Technical Support Company


You know that your business needs assistance in providing technical support with its products—and the cost of developing in-house resources would be prohibitive to your business. If you’re considering outsourcing technical support to a third-party solution, how can you make sure that you’re choosing a company that will deliver true value for both your business and your customers?

Here are a few ways to gauge the performance of the vendors you are considering:

Look At Technical Support Vendor’s Client List And Testimonials.

It’s easy for companies to make big claims with nothing to back them up. In order to make sure that any outsourced technical help desk you’re considering has what it takes to work with your business, ask for a list of clients so that you can ensure that they have relevant industry experience. They should also be willing to provide case studies, testimonials, and even provide a reference who you can personally contact if desired.

Make Sure That Technical Support Vendor Is Able To Address Your Company’s Needs.

While determining whether a company has relevant industry experience is one way to gauge its competency, it’s also crucial to consider additional details to find out whether the call center outsourcing can fulfill your requirements: For instance, if any of your customers speak other languages besides English, does the company provide technical support in those languages? Does the company provide 24-hour support to accommodate customers in all time zones, and can it accommodate support across all platforms (phone, email, live chat)?

Learn All You Can About Technical Support Vendor’s Process.

Once you have narrowed down the field to a few potential vendors, it’s time to get in touch and learn about how they work with their business clients. How much time will they spend working with you to learn about your products? How much feedback will you receive regarding customer satisfaction for every call or interaction? How transparent is the communications process? Make sure that you’ll have the opportunity to state your concerns and have them addressed in regular phone meetings, and that you’ll receive detailed feedback regarding the company’s interactions with your business customers.

Consider Cost—But Don’t Make It The Top Concern.

Of course, pricing is a relevant issue to all business owners; however, it shouldn’t be the key factor that leads you to choose one vendor over another. Factors like, after hours customer support service, a straightforward return policy, and a reliable support are equally important. When comparing potential vendors’ call center pricing, ensure that you are looking at all of the features that are being offered, and considering how the vendors’ services will impact your business’ operations and bottom line. After all, if you’ve found in your research that a particular call center vendor receives substantially better reviews than a lower-priced competitor, you’re likely to generate far more repeat business from satisfied customers. No matter what the initial investment might be, choosing a vendor that will keep your customers happy will pay for itself many times over.

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