6 Ways To Boost Contact Center Performance

Contact Center Performance

Do you want to Boost Contact Center Performance?

Do you want to improve customer satisfaction?

Of course, you do.

Increasing customer satisfaction boosts corporate revenues, and it does it rather significantly.

And while it isn’t a corporate panacea—increasing satisfaction is potent medicine. So how do you do it?

A proven way is to invest in advanced contact center technology. It helps you exceed customer expectations.

And that’s the key to boosting Contact Center Performance satisfaction.

Advanced Technology Helps

Research shows that investing in advanced technology can improve both customer satisfaction and financial performance together.

The trick is using the right technology in the right areas. With this technology, the report’s respondents did the following:

  • Improved FCR rates
  • Reduce costs per call
  • Improved top tier customer satisfaction
  • Increased calls per agent per hour
  • Boosted agent satisfaction
  • Reduced average time in queue

Let’s see how they did it and the tools they used to do it:

Improving FCR Rates For Better Contact Center Performance

One way technology improves FCR is by routing calls correctly. When you combine correct routing with key analytical and advanced reporting tools, as well as the right desktop tech, you can boost FCR rates dramatically—maybe as much as 13% or more.

Reducing Cost Per Call

Savvy managers know the cost per call is a significant metric. To determine costs per call, divide the total budget for a period by the total number of calls handled for the same period. That’s your cost per call.

You can reduce costs per call through presence-based expert escalation, multi-criteria skills-based routing, courtesy callbacks, and computer technology integration (CTI) and applications.

Improving Top Tier Customer Satisfaction

Customers who rate overall satisfaction 5 out of 5 are top-tier customers. It’s hard to squeeze more satisfaction out of these customers but you can do it.

The key is using technology to gather data about top-tier customers. Then giving agents access to the data when they need it. Key technology tools include contact data analytics and cradle to grave reporting.

Increasing Calls Per Agent Per Hour For Improved Contact Center Performance

Boosting an agent’s efficiency improves contact center performance by increasing the calls per agent per hour rate. It also cuts costs. To do it, agents need access to key services and/or product information.

Key tools include multi-criteria routing, CTI and apps integration, and presence-based expert escalation. They also include unified cross-channel routing and natural language IVR.

Boosting Agent Satisfaction

Agents stress out when they can‘t help customers—especially if systems are slow, tend to lock up or fail to provide key information. High-stress levels create center-wide agent dissatisfaction, boosting turnover and costs.

You can improve agent satisfaction anywhere from 4% to 11% with help from technology. Advanced reporting and analytics, agent desktop with CTI, CTI with apps integration, and real-time agent feedback do the trick. They also reduce turnover and trim costs.

Reducing Average Queue Time

Reducing average queue time is a proven way to increase customer satisfaction. Adding more agents reduces queue time but drives up costs. Advanced technology reduces queue time without adding agents.

One way to reduce average queue time is by using technology tools like presence-based expert escalation, courtesy call back while in the queue, and blended and multi-criteria routing.

Using advanced contact center technology improves customer satisfaction. It also boosts competitiveness and cuts the costs of acquiring and retaining customers.

And when you’re battling for survival like many companies are today, you need all the help you can get.

So why wouldn’t you invest in advanced contact center technology?

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