7 Best Kept Secrets For Driving Inbound Call Center Motivation

Call Center Motivation

What are the best ways for call center motivation?

Are your inbound call center agents motivated?

Apathetic workers cost companies billions annually. In the United States, an apathetic worker cost his or her company $4,621 annually in lost revenue in 2014.

Altogether, apathetic workers cost U.S. companies over $550 billion dollars in revenue last year.

Motivated employees, on the other hand, are productive employees. They’re also happy employees. And happy employees create happy customers.

That boosts revenue, increases market share, and generates tons of free word-of-mouth advertising.

But Call Center Motivation is easier said than done.

Five Drivers Of Call Center Motivation

Motivating agents these days takes hard work and good planning. But first, need to assess the attitude of your call center agents before planning any activities.

To do that, pay close attention to these five key drivers of Call Center Motivation:

  1. Relevant feedback from agents
  2. A satisfying physical environment
  3. The ability to influence their situation
  4. Fair and honest treatment
  5. Reasonable/acceptable work objectives

Misreading the attitude of your agents can cost you. Apathy in the workplace not only decreases productivity but also increases absenteeism and turnover. And these can boost a company’s costs dramatically.

It’s in everyone’s best interests, then, to keep inbound call center agents motivated. Here are 7 ways to do that:

  • Use eLearning to boost skill levels

Employees feel motivated when they continually learn new things. Creating a library of online eLearning courses that agents can use to expand their skill sets and fulfill their development and career plans boosts motivation.

  • Use agents to develop new training programs

Every call center has exceptional agents. Savvy managers use them to develop and deliver new training programs. It’s a highly visible way to recognize and reward exceptional agents

  • Cross-train agents to do non-call center activities

All call centers, including the ones providing after-hours service, slow down at some point. When they do, agents get bored. Train agents to do non-call center activities (back-office jobs) when call volume is low. It not only increases an agent’s skills, it also boosts productivity and provides him or her with a welcome change of pace.

  • Hold up-training sessions

Developing and holding weekly or bi-weekly up-training courses introduces new content and coaches the staff. Agents welcome the opportunity to put the phones down, ask key questions, and discuss feedback. Plus, they value the new skills learned in these sessions and appreciate your efforts to support them.

  • Apply a motivation survey

Survey agent motivation to provide much-needed feedback. Ask them about improvements at the call center, new policies, the company’s benefits program, and what new courses they’d like to see, among other things. Survey regularly and start ASAP.

  • Create a vibrant workplace

Introducing color into the workplace, hanging pictures with positive messages, and changing the call center’s layout periodically are low-cost physical changes that can motivate agents.

Also, ask for feedback from agents on what they’d like to see changed in the workplace. Including them in key decisions on the workplace environment is also a great way to create a more vibrant physical space and motivate agents.

  • Solicit ideas from agents

If you’re looking for creative, innovative ideas for your call center, ask your agents. You’ll be surprised at the quality of ideas they come up with.

Other Call Center Motivation

Also, use slow periods to hold brainstorming sessions where agents can offer cost-effective suggestions on ways to boost morale and performance. Use the sessions to build camaraderie between agents.

Motivating agents in an inbound call center is a challenge. But the 7 tips discussed will help you motivate agents.

Motivated agents are happy agents and happy agents create happy customers, boosting customer satisfaction and profitability.

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