7 Surprising Ways To Take Your Business Global

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There are now more connected mobile devices on earth than people. And the number of mobile devices is expected to grow significantly in 2014 and beyond. For owners wanting to take their business global, marketing to millions of people worldwide has never been easier.

And yet more than half of the Fortune 1000 firms lack a well-coordinated mobile marketing strategy.

The reason: They fail to see mobile devices as marketing tools.

If you want to expand globally, creating a mobile marketing strategy should be first on your To-Do list.

It’s cost-effective. It’s efficient. And it’s less risky than traditional approaches.

6Ways To Take Your Business Global:

Below are six additional less risky ways of going your business global. All take advantage of a strong online presence.

Establish A Blog

Blogs are a proven way of going global. Yet many corporate websites lack one. You can use a blog to position yourself as an industry leader, create greater awareness, and boost authority and credibility.

Plus, blogs are a great way of starting conversations with anyone in the world—conversations that can lead to sales.

Create An E-commerce Site

If you’re a retailer, creating an international e-commerce site is natural. Its advantages are manifold—especially for smaller companies. An e-commerce site developed by a specialist ecommerce web design company can flatten the playing field between small and large companies.

Many customers prefer dealing with smaller companies. They feel customer service is more personal and interactive. If your in-house department is small, outsourcing tech support services or customer service support is an option.

Leverage Social Media & Take Business Global

Social media has emerged as a powerful global marketing tool for businesses, and its potential is being recognized by more companies now. Similar to a blog, social media platforms play a significant role in creating awareness about your company’s offerings. Additionally, as a service desk provider, we emphasize the importance of leveraging networking sites to enhance your company’s accessibility. In today’s era of constant customer communication, utilizing social media is a dynamic approach to expanding your global presence.

Website Translation

Don’t overlook website translation marketing tools. Translating your site into another language or language can help you reach customers in a distant marketplace. And it costs much less than starting a chain, creating a franchise, or establishing a remote location.

But be careful! If you need to outsource technical support services to handle the increase in traffic, you put your data at risk. So review the provider’s security measures carefully. You want a provider that has a tight security system.

Take Business Global With SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are a great way to boost page rankings and traffic to your site. It also can help create brand awareness, increase visibility, and establish a reputation globally.

In fact, SEO adds a whole new dimension to your online marketing strategy—one that many companies fail to use. When combined with Website translation, it’s a powerful way of creating an international brand cost-effectively.

Take Part In The Multimedia Wave

More and more companies are using video-sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Vevo, as global marketing tools. People love to download files from these sites. YouTube has 1.3 million downloads daily.

Create short videos and post them to these sites to promote your offerings worldwide 24/7. Setting up newsfeeds for releases of audio and video content boosts downloads. They let customers opt-in so they can be notified of new releases of products and services.

Reaching the business global marketplace has never been easier. And thanks to today’s Web 2.0 tools, never more cost-effective. Use the six strategies above to establish your brand globally and grow your business in 2014.

What surprising global marketing strategies are you using? We’d love to hear from you.

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