7 Team Building Tips From Highly Effective Leaders


Have you been following the World Cup soccer tournament? If you’re like most soccer fans, you’re following it closely. Sponsored by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport’s global governing body, the World Cup is held once every four years. It’s the biggest sporting event in the world and millions keep tabs on it. Winning the World Cup isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment & effective leaders to manage the team. It also takes teamwork. Without teamwork, a team can’t win the World Cup.

As a manager, you know the value of teamwork, too. You also know its benefits to a business—increased productivity, enhanced customer service, improved customer satisfaction, and so on.

These benefits can help boost revenues and increase profits. That’s critical.

As a manager, it’s your job to foster teamwork.

Whether it’s working with your own employees or outsourced call center agents from a company that you’ve outsourced inbound call center services to, you need teamwork to survive.

7 Tips That Highly Effective Leaders :

Use to create teamwork

  • Communicate Goals Clearly

Buying into the managed projects team’s goals is critical to its success. Without this buy-in, a team will fail no matter how much talent it has. Make sure you communicate the team’s goals to team members early on.

And do it more than once. In fact, do it several times. Otherwise, team members will forget them or misunderstand them. Also, encourage team members to discuss the goals openly among themselves.

  • Meet Regularly

Meeting regularly boosts communication. It keeps members informed, enables them to ask for help, and lets them voice concerns.

Meeting regularly also helps you make sure that people really understand what you want. Meeting regularly is even more critical if team members are located around the world.

  • Match Strengths To Responsibilities

It’s more satisfying for people to work in areas of natural strengths. As a manager, it’s your job to put them there. Whenever possible match team members’ strengths to their responsibilities.

One big benefit of doing this is having someone who—either through experience or talent—can do things in minutes it might take others hours to do.

When you put people in areas of strength, productivity soars. So does satisfaction.

  • Define Individual Roles Under The Leaders

Team members should know what they’re responsible for—on every project and in their jobs. Defining individual roles keeps things on track. It also avoids duplicate efforts and prevents things from slipping through the cracks.

  • Use Incentives And Group Rewards

Designing incentives around group rewards create positive feelings about the team and motivates team members. Designing incentives around group rewards also fosters collaboration and teamwork.

Make sure you give your team a reward when it meets a specific target, like achieving a specific FCR rate. Using incentives and group rewards builds a collaborative culture.

  • Leaders Seek Feedback Openly

It’s important to team members—and to the team as a whole—that they know you’re open to feedback. Feedback is a key to continuous improvement and helps keep things on track. So make sure your team knows that you want feedback.

  • Leaders Use Fun Activities To Build Their Teams

Everyone likes to have fun. It builds positive team feelings. Go out and watch a World Cup game or another sporting event together.

Participate as a team in a charity event. Or take on a corporate challenge as a team. Whatever it is do it as a group and make it fun.

Highly effective managers foster teamwork. Make it one of your priorities. Use the 7 tips discussed above to create teamwork among employees.

Teamwork boosts productivity, enhances customer service, and increases customer satisfaction—not to mention what it does for revenues and profits.

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