Service Provider Selection: 5 Proven Tips To Assure Success

Service Provider

Do you have the resources to support all business systems adequately? You probably don’t. It’s just too costly for most SMBs. But your business systems are your company’s cornerstone. They must be reliable, secure, and cost-effective. And they must perform at the highest level possible every day. This makes choosing a service provider paramount when outsourcing services—especially if you’re outsourcing tech support or plan to outsource help desk activities.

There’s no substitute for having the right provider.

But choosing the right one is tricky. You want a provider that can do the job and has your best interest in mind.

That’s a tall order.

The tips below can help. They’ll save you time and money when evaluating providers. And they’ll help guarantee you choose a provider that fits your business:

1. Choose A Service Provider That Knows Your Business

Look for a service provider that’s proven and knowledgeable. Ideally, they should know your products, services, technology, industry, and so on.

And while you can’t expect them to know your company’s finer details, they must fully understand your area of operations.

2. Clearly Define Your Requirements

If you don’t know what your requirements are, how can you tell them to your provider? Better yet, how can they meet them?

Define the requirements, pain points, and specific issues you want to be addressed. Then prioritize them and let your provider know.

3. Develop Realistic Expectations

Many client/provider relationships go sour over expectations. Often, the client’s expectations are simply too high. Just because a provider is good at what it does, that doesn’t mean it can deliver the moon.

Remember, it’s a partnership. Companies that choose to see outsourcing partners as an integral part of the corporate team increase their chances of succeeding dramatically.

To get the most from it, set realistic expectations. Then provide maximum support to help the provider meet them.

4. Choose Capability Over Cost

Make no mistake. Pricing and ROI are critical. But you shouldn’t choose a provider because it’s the cheapest. Select a proven provider with the experience and capabilities to get the job done first.

To do so, ask questions like:

  • Do you offer customizable support plans with a 24x7x365 help desk?
  • Is support provided globally in multiple languages?
  • Do your support services offer customized plans for product upgrades?
  • Do you have experience dealing with organizations our size?
  • Who are your strategic partners and where are they located?

Also, keep in mind that things can be confusing when dealing with worldwide vendors that may have widely different price structures, corporate cultures, etc.

Do your research first. Then choose a provider based on capability not cost. That’s what savvy managers do.

5. Motivate Your Outsourcing Partner / Service Provider

Motivating your provider is paramount. Start by thinking of them as employees who just happen to live/work elsewhere. Then treat them as in-house employees.

Listen and pay attention to what they have to say, give them responsibility, promote their successes, and make sure they know you welcome feedback.

In short, treat them as equals. And communicate, communicate, communicate.

Finding the right service provider is challenging. So ask plenty of questions and carefully review its track record.

Above all, look for a service provider that not only fits your budget, but also is knowledgeable, proven, and experienced in your industry.

Tech support and help desk activities are vital business systems—too vital to outsource to just anybody. Make sure they’re being outsourced to a capable, proven service provider.

You can’t afford to have anything less.

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