8 Key Criteria For Evaluating Call Center Providers

Call Center Providers

How to find good call center providers? You’ve determined your needs. You’ve developed an RFP. You’ve created a vendor shortlist. Now it’s time to select your Call Center Services providers.

Make no mistake. Finding good call center providers who can save costs, deliver quality services and meet SLA Agreements is crucial & painstakingly long. It can make or break your project no matter what you’re outsourcing.

Some say it’s the most critical step in outsourcing.

But finding a good service provider isn’t enough. To succeed, you need to find one that fits your needs.

Develop A Framework

A proven method for choosing the right provider is to develop a framework for evaluating the vendors you’re considering.

The key to building this framework is to first develop a checklist of provider criteria and then assign a “weight” to each element. You can then use the checklist to evaluate the vendors on your list.

8 Keys  For Evaluating Call Center Providers:

1. Industry Knowledge / Experience

Its importance changes depending on the industry you’re in. In industries that require special knowledge or that are heavily regulated, it will carry more weight. It will also carry more weight in industries subject to legislative changes. For other industries, the criteria will have less importance.

2. A Methodology For Transition From Call Center Providers

Making a good transition of services when outsourcing is vital—whether it’s outsourcing tech support or customer service. You don’t want too many bumps in the road when transitioning. Instead, you want a smooth, seamless transition. A well-defined but flexible methodology helps achieve this.

3. Worldwide Scope/Presence

Globalization is the key to surviving for many SMBs. A provider with a global reach has advantages. This criteria carries slightly more weight when outsourcing tech support, but it’s critical in both cases. The key is what global experience and resources do the provider have that can benefit you.

4. Organization’s Staying Power

Outsourcing is a risky business. It requires a marriage between two partners. So you’ll want to know whom you’re getting in bed with. A thorough examination of a provider’s corporate structure, strategic plans, and history is vital.

5. Strategic Alliances Of Call Center Providers

Successful providers usually have helpful alliances. So you’ll want to know what relationships the provider has with other parties. A provider’s alliances may include disaster recovery companies, testing houses, marketing firms, and methodology companies/consultants. These alliances can prove beneficial in the future.

6. Insurance/Litigation Issues

These issues tell you what mistakes the provider has made and what they’ve learned from them. Key are things like bond history and insurance policies. You may also want to check out the provider’s criteria for selecting new clients.

7. Previous Clients/References

Current clients and references are the most telling evidence when determining if the provider is right for you. Providers with a strong, diverse client base are a plus. Having clients with long-term standing is also a plus.

8. Commitment To Technology

How committed is the provider to technology? You’ll want one that’s willing to invest in the latest technology but doesn’t value technology over the human. Also, how compatible are its technology and yours?

Finding the right outsourcing IT help desk provider is crucial for achieving success in outsourcing. But you need one that fits your needs. Developing a framework with the right criteria can help you find that provider.

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