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Customer Information

Do you deliver tailored customer experiences? No? Then you’re missing a golden opportunity to boost your bottom line. Delivering tailored experiences based on actionable customer information turns visitors into customers and customers into loyal shoppers. And creating loyal shoppers boosts the bottom line. They enable you to avoid the price wars that derail many companies that get involved in them. As Bob Myers, president and CEO of Sheplers says: “If your whole business model is based on a national brand and you’re competing on price, it’s probably not a good long-term business model to have.”

Sheplers is among the leading marketers of jeans and another cowboy western apparel for men, women, and children. Creating loyal customers is Sheplers’ forte. Loyal customers provide them with additional sales that boost company profits.

More important, Sheplers provides tailored high-valued experiences to get customers to keep coming back again and again.

Globally, many industries fall short of delivering tailored experiences.

Customer Personas Are Critical

Developing customer personas are the key to creating tailored customer experiences. You really have to understand your customers to create an accurate persona.

While demographics are helpful in understanding customers, they fall short by themselves of doing that. You still need psychographic information to build an accurate persona.

We’re talking about things like attitudes and motivations, goals, challenges, and pain points.

Once the customer persona is developed, you can do things like creating content designed specifically for a segment of customers.

Below are 7 key information sources that can help you build accurate customer personas:

  • Customer Interviews For Customer Information

Interviews are among the most accurate source of customer information available. Create a list of open-ended questions to gather the information, but don’t limit yourself to just those.

Instead, think like a reporter. Be flexible in asking follow-up questions. This lets you customize your questions to a person’s answers.

  • Customer Information From Trade Research Organizations

You can gather a lot of information on customers through trade industry research—just don’t let it be your sole source of data. The information is usually national in scope and is useful in building personas.

  • Customer Surveys For Customer Information

Popular in many industries, customer surveys can provide insight into attitudes and motivations. Sometimes, the surveys are done by trade organizations. Other times, market research firms or consultants do them.

  • Marketing Intelligence Platforms

Many healthcare companies use intelligence platforms like Hitwise and ComScore to gather customer intelligence. They can provide a wealth of customer information on things like website traffic sources and buyer attitudes.

  • Online Research Panels

Make no mistake. Getting quality customer information is difficult—especially if you serve a market niche. So you might want to try online research tools like uSamp. You can pose questions to panelists with worldwide backgrounds.

  • Internal Experts

Internal experts have often overlooked sources of customer information, they can be invaluable in creating customer personas for your company. Internal experts can tell you if something’s missing or where customers go to follow and discuss trends.

  • Outsourcing Providers

Having an Outsourced IT help desk company can be immensely valuable, particularly when it comes to outsourcing inbound call center services or tech support call center services. These providers interact with your customers on a daily basis and possess intimate knowledge about them, which can greatly support your marketing efforts.

To ensure you don’t miss out on creating loyal customers, delivering personalized customer experiences is paramount. Building accurate customer personas is a key component in achieving this. Utilize the available information sources, including the six mentioned above, to construct these personas.

These personas not only reveal customers’ pain points but also provide insights on crafting tailored customer experiences to address them effectively. By doing so, you can foster loyal customers who have the potential to significantly enhance your company’s bottom line and drive business growth.

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