Call Center Gamification For Improving Employee Loyalty


Gamification has become a unique way to increase customer engagement and loyalty. By creating fun and exciting ways to learn about new products, earn discounts and interact with businesses. Customers feel like they are rewarded for performing simple and fun actions. As the manager of an IT help desk service provider, by turning the idea of gamification inward and focusing on your employees, your department could increase efficiency and retention

Employees Want to Be Loyal

In this current atmosphere of high employee turnover, it may seem as though workers don’t care about the companies where they are employed. The appearance of employees just wanting to earn a paycheck and go home, however, are inaccurate. Most employees do want to excel in their job and remain loyal to their employers; they just need to feel that the company appreciates them.

The last decade of major layoffs has created an atmosphere of malaise among workers. Why should anyone perform to the best of their abilities for a company that could cut them loose tomorrow? And businesses have the mistaken idea that human resources is their most expensive department and that by cutting back on employees they can save the company.

While it is true that it is expensive to hire and train employees, it costs less to retain employees than it does consistently hiring and training new ones. In addition, companies that reduce staff increase the chances of accidents, human error, and customer dissatisfaction as one employee tries to handle too many responsibilities.

When companies realize how valuable trained and satisfied employees are and put an effort into creating a stable environment, employees will reciprocate by being loyal. This loyalty will extend to when companies need to cut costs to stay in business.

Different Approaches to Metrics

If you are the manager of a help desk department, then there are specific numbers you need to hit every month. You are expected to increase first call resolution and adequately handle all fluctuations in call volume. Moreover, in the atmosphere of new call centers, you are also responsible for making sure online communities, social media sites, and email accounts are monitored and all customer issues are resolved.

Call center agents understand their department monitors metrics and is responsible for hitting specific numbers. However, when managers use threats and negative reinforcement to ensure those numbers are met, employees may become dissatisfied with their position. This can lead to poor performance and high turnover.

Gamification is as Important as Education

Training is also important in a help desk department. Employees need to learn all new products and new problems that arise with existing products. Workers also need to be trained on any changes in technology related to their position, such as new software or phone systems. This training can be tedious and some employees may not bother with keeping abreast of all changes within their department.

How Gamification Changes Attitudes

Gamification can make training and hitting goals fun for employees and management. By creating contests, management creates a positive reward system for agents who do hit their numbers consistently. By developing apps with little rewards and bonuses, training becomes interesting and more engaging.

And more importantly, employees will understand that the company cares about its employees. An organization that would invest the time and effort involved in creating and implementing these games is one worth working for. Employees will put in more effort to meet company goals and become interested in honing their skill sets. They will be less likely to leave the company and more likely to seek advanced roles within their department.

It is important for businesses to generate good branding and loyalty with employees as well as customers. When an organization is known as a good company to work for, qualified candidates will be more likely to seek open positions with your business. If you are able to hire highly skilled employees and increase worker retention, you will decrease human resource expenses. Implementing gamification strategies in your help desk will help you create the level of expertise and customer service that will make growth hacking viable.

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