10 Common IT Help Desk Problems And Their Solutions

common it help desk problems

40% of customer service leaders say that their company views customer service as an expense instead of a driver for growth, an increase of almost 25% in one year alone.

This is because there are a number of brain-eating issues recur in IT help desks which usually seem trivial but solutions for them are not easily discoverable.

So, IT help desk problems and solutions have become the core concern now a days for industry leaders as they make the services highly expensive but at the same time inevitable.

IT help desk services cannot possibly be ignored by the wise leaders of today as 93% of customer support teams say that the expectations of consumers today are higher than ever.

Here are the ten seemingly trivial common IT help desk problems and solutions to help you out by saving you from dying of anxiety:

1. The Blue Screen Of Death

The predominant question that crosses your mind: Is my system dead already?

Almost every Windows user who encounters the blue screen of death is terrified. This blue screen, also known as a stop error, denotes a system crash and frequently causes users to fear the machine’s permanent demise.

It is, however, frequently possible to resurrect computers that have died due to the blue screen of death. The problem is frequently caused by hardware or one of the drivers, and it frequently occurs after you’ve installed new drivers or hardware. A simple reboot can sometimes solve the problem.

Crucially, the blue screen of death frequently provides critical information about the nature of the problem. Reading the text on the screen can help you decide whether a reboot is necessary or not.

2. Depreciation of Passwords Multiple Times

The predominant question that hits your mind senses: Do I need assistance in resetting my password?

Many help desk tickets involve password issues, such as employees forgetting their passwords. According to one study, up to 57% of full-time employees had to reset a work-related password in the previous 90 days.

Some businesses set up authentication portals to make password authentication easier. Users can enter their authentication information themselves through these portals, avoiding the need for IT intervention. This system saves IT departments a significant amount of time and energy, allowing them to focus on more pressing computer issues.

If your company does not have such a portal, an IT help desk can step in. Employees can reset their passwords with the assistance of help desk personnel, allowing them to return to work as soon as possible.

3. Internet As Slow As A Slug

The Predominant question that haunts your head: Why is my internet connection so slow?

A slow internet connection is one of the most common help desk issues. A slow connection is common when a network spans multiple buildings or floors of the same building. The use of multiple cloud-based services can also reduce connection speed.

In some cases, the problem arises due to the distance between certain offices and network nodes. In other cases, dense building materials can interfere with the wireless signal, making it weaker and the connection slower.

A network upgrade may also cause a temporary slowdown, or viruses and spyware may be clogging the network. IT help desks can step in to investigate and resolve these issues quickly.

4. Fix the Forfeited Wi-Fi Connection

The predominant question that strikes your brain: Should I restore my wi-fi connection?

A lost wireless signal is another of the most common service desk issues. In some cases, the same issues that cause slow internet can cause your company’s wireless signal to go completely down. In other cases, an overloaded router may be preventing network access.

In this case, you may need to connect to the network using a different router on another device. An IT department can identify the source of the problem and advise you on the next steps to regaining internet access.

5. Rejection or Non-Detection of External Devices

The predominant question that crushes your cells: Why isn’t my USB recognized?

A computer that refuses to recognize a Universal Serial Bus (USB) device is at the root of many help desk issues. There are several ways to try to figure out why a computer is unable to read a USB device. To begin, see if the device works in any of the machine’s other USB ports. If this is the case, there may be an issue with the specific port in question.

You can also see if the device works on another machine; if not, the device itself may be compromised. An IT help desk can assist in determining the causes of these errors and possible solutions.

6. Recurring Not-so-pleasant Printer Issues

The predominant question that clogs your clear eyes: How to Troubleshoot Common Printer Issues?

It’s inconvenient to be unable to print because it slows you down and prevents you from producing the tools you need to do your job. Printer issues are frequently caused by issues with access permissions or drivers. Many businesses require employees to obtain authorization and the necessary drivers from the help desk before they can use network printers.

It’s also possible that the printer isn’t properly connected to the network, or that a more basic, easily fixed problem exists — for example, the printer is out of ink or paper.

7. Abominably Lackadaisical Computer

The predominant question that floats in your mind palace: How do I troubleshoot my slow computer?

If your computer is running slowly, a variety of problems could be at work. You could be running multiple programs at the same time, clogging up your processor.

Viruses and malware may be interfering with your computer’s performance, or a scheduled system scan or update may have temporarily slowed your computer.

Your IT department can investigate all potential issues and advise you on what to do.

8. Excavating Once Lost Documents

The predominant question that slaps your face hard: Is there a possibility of recovering my unsaved documents?

What happens if you close a document without saving it by accident? It’s possible that you lost your unsaved changes, but your IT help desk can sometimes recover them. Microsoft Office, in particular, has auto save features that can occasionally recover lost work.

You can also look for backup or temporary files with an extension such as .tmp or a prefix such as. Your help desk can assist you in searching your computer for files containing the most recent changes.

9. Quarrying the Long-buried Files

The predominant question that coagulates your blood: How do I recover the files that I deleted by mistake?

What if you unintentionally delete important files from your computer? Often, recovering them from your computer’s trash folder or recycling bin is simple. The problem becomes more difficult if you’ve already emptied the trash or recycling.

Your IT department may have access to an automatic backup of all your saved data, which may assist you in recovering your work.

10. Considered Dead Already by Your Account

The predominant question that smacks your head: Why am I unable to log in?

If you know your username and password are correct but are still having difficulty logging in, your IT help desk can assist you in locating and resolving the issue. For example, you may have made too many login attempts, and your IT department can restore your user rights.

To Wrap All the Problems Up,

We can say that a wise and upgraded leader will know better than to ignore these problems as they seem extremely trivial and inconsequential.

IT Help Desk Problems and Solutions should be your top priority to run a help desk on a smooth road, you wouldn’t want your ride to be bumpy, would you?

Pick your problems from the above and help yourself by reading out the solutions!

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