Companies Blinded by the Stats


Growth hacking is a term that started in Silicon Valley and spread like wildfire through the rest of the business world. As with all new terms, however, both the definition and practice of growth hacking have changed drastically. Some companies are so engrossed with the numbers that they are blinded by the stats. When you are shopping for vendor companies make sure you understand what the numbers mean.

Evolution Of  A Term

There are some businesses that believe growth hacking means that a company is using lean strategies to improve the growth of their business while lowering costs. This is only part of the concept. It was originally coined to explain how startups used online marketing strategies to help grow their business. This is because social media, inbound marketing, and content marketing campaigns are often less expensive than traditional marketing techniques. This helped even the playing field between small businesses and their corporate counterparts.

Now the term is a buzzword used to describe inexpensive business processes that can help a company grow quickly. A call center outsourcing company can say they are a growth hacking strategy for new businesses since they are often more cost-effective than trying to build a contact center from scratch.

Reviewing The Stats

Call center outsourcing companies will use reports and analytics to prove they can effectively handle your business. But not all statistics have meaning. Some look great on the surface but when you understand how the data was collected or the meaning behind the data you will realize it isn’t as impressive.

Incoming call volume isn’t as important as calls handled. You need to know if calls were dropped or if the caller hung up because they were left on hold. And first call resolution is important, but it needs to be compared to customer satisfaction. If the problem was handled but the customer wasn’t satisfied this can impact your customer base.

Another number that can be misleading is the number of agents available per shift. You need to know how many trained agents will be handling your call per shift not just the total number of employees available.

Quantity Versus Quality

As with manufacturing, call center effectiveness is all about quality over quantity. You don’t want the agents to be so obsessed with handling a specific number of calls per hour that they don’t handle each call effectively.

While this may be a third-party center, they are representing your organization and it is your business reputation that is on the line. You want to make sure that each customer that calls in is treated with respect, that their problems are resolved, and that they are satisfied with the resolution. Otherwise, you will lose customers and revenue, which isn’t the kind of growth hacking you want for your business.

Call center outsourcing is an effective way to handle your customer service. But you don’t want to be blinded by the statistics that companies show you in order to gain your business. Make sure that you ask what each statistic means and how it relates to calling quality. Know your numbers to ensure that your growth hacking strategy will lead to long-term sustainability.

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