Companies Must Learn From The Game of Thrones


The Game of Thrones has significant lessons in customer service for business owners.

Cersei Lannister says to Ned Stark before his demise that when someone plays the game of thrones, there are only two outcomes: Either they win, or die. Once you fail in getting your customers right you fall at risk of shutting down your business. Every business aspiring to succeed must put the following into consideration when it comes to customer service.

Power of Information

Varys and Lord Bealish can rise in the societal ranking by use of information by employing spies within the seven kingdoms. They used the power of information and created wealth and big names for themselves. Likewise, during the current era, businesses in customer service can gain valuable feedback from online platforms among others. This information is precious in creating better services through the rebranding of products to meet consumer needs and also rating themselves against their competitors.

Treat The Customer Right

IT Help desk service providers understand that the customer always takes priority, and more importantly, the customer is entitled to be heard and respected. Treating customers with utmost care is crucial. Extensive research reveals that acquiring new customers is over five times more challenging than retaining existing ones. Drawing from the lessons of Joffery Baratheon’s experiences, both in governing his subjects and his marriage to Margaery Tyrell, we learn the significance of customer service in how we treat our customers within our premises. Such treatment inevitably influences our journey in conducting business. Regardless of a business operator’s expertise, it is through active listening and researching the needs of customers that the best products in the market emerge.

Defining Your Customers’ Needs

You must get into the mind of your customer and determine their needs in order to satisfy them efficiently. Bran Stark can get into the minds of people. In-Game of Thrones, Bram consistently teaches and reminds us that customer service can give you valuable insights into the needs and desires of your customers enabling you to set your product roadmap for the long term. It is therefore highly recommended that you put yourself in the shoes of your customers in order to determine what they really want. Businesses, in an attempt to identify their client’s needs, may choose to outsource call center to experts who’ve been in the customer service business for several years.

Fulfill Promises At Every Cost

It is important to deliver quality up to the standard you promise your customers in the product or service your offer them. That goes a long way in evading customer complaints that may soil your good name in the eyes of the public and customers. Theon Grayjoy tried so hard to please his father, sisters, and Iron Islanders and that became the cause of his problems and he lost the most important thing to him. It is, therefore, important to avoid customer complaints by empathizing with the angry customers and showing them compassion.

Meet Your Basic SLAs

The King of the North made an enormous mistake that business people should draw an important lesson from when he forfeited an agreement to marry one of Walder Frey’s daughters. It is therefore highly recommended for a business to keep its products in stock, meet its SLAs, and once they realize a mistake make it right with customers. That will work on staying on the positive side of your customers through their good word of mouth which is a very useful marketing tool.

Fight To Keep Customers Happy

The Game of Thrones also gives an insight into keeping the customers happy. The military is united (night watch) to keep the seven kingdoms secure from the lands beyond and this ensures the safety and happiness of the seven countries. That works for support agents working towards a common goal of ensuring that the customers are fully satisfied and happy with the products and services offered thus retaining and attracting new customers.

Persistence And Patience

Customer service calls for persistence and patience. In the Game of Thrones, Jon‘s half-sister, Arya Stark loses everything she held of value: her family, her home, her pet Direwolf. However, in her relentless pursuit of revenge, she becomes quite the sword fighter despite her social status. It, therefore, follows that the strategy you use to handle an angry customer will determine if you retain the customer or lose him/her. Lora also does admit to Renly that his skill was not a gift but as a result of relentless training and working since he could hold a stick.

Innovation, Invention, Reinvention

Customer service requires constant innovation and invention. Ned is horribly betrayed and executed due to a lack of vision and ignorance that led to everyone plotting behind his back as he sat back blindly, expecting everyone to accept Robert’s wishes. It is, therefore, important to consider ways of intriguing your customers with something new and improving levels of customer service in order to stay afloat in the world of business. It is advisable to avoid complacency in customer service in an attempt to keep the interest in your product or service.

Go the Extra Mile; Exceed Expectations

It is important to build and sustain customer loyalty. Customers can maintain high levels of loyalty to brands and businesses that go out of their way to offer them more than it is expected of them. Brienne maintains her high levels of commitment to her King long after he dies. Even after she realizes that her efforts are in vain, and her mission is impossible she perseveres and focuses on seeing it done. It’s not easy to attain such high levels of commitment from customers but every business should seek to achieve maximum customer loyalty.

Earn A Customer’s Loyalty

Daenerys Targaryen, the queen of the dragons and exiled princess of the Targaryen dynasty, is a loving princess to her subjects to the extent that they would do anything for her since they feel loved and secure with her. This princess has excellent skills that could work in customer service since once a customer feels valued they remain loyal to such brands.

In essence, great customer service is the cornerstone of any successful business out there. If you apply these crucial lessons from Game of Thrones, there is no way you will succumb to competition. Rather you will watch as your business grows in leaps and bounds. Indeed, Game of Thrones is not merely an entertainment-packed drama but also has an educative element that only a keen eye and an active viewer can identify. Therefore, the next time you watch a TV program, try to look at it from a different perspective, and you will be surprised at how much knowledge you can draw from it. If you haven’t watched this TV drama, grab the opportunity today and be my witness.

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