Customer Retention Strategies And Call Centers

Customer Retention

Well, what does customer retention have to do with call center outsourcing services? Lots! Customer retention happens with good customer relations and great customer relations happen when the quality of your customer service improves.

So in short, good customer relations mean customer retention which means great business. Remember retaining an old customer is almost 8 times cheaper than getting a new customer, so it makes financial sense to retain the old customers as not only do they add to the profits through direct purchase, they also get in new customers through word-of-mouth publicity.

An increasing number of companies are realizing that in today’s recessionary times’ customer loyalty programs and customer retention strategies are an integral part of the business plan and it is best to let outsourcing experts handle customer relations and let in-house employees work on their core competencies.

This is how customer retention strategies come into call center outsourcing.

How does Outsourcing help?

Conventional business wisdom suggests that vital productivity-related activities such as logistics and distribution, manufacturing, assembling, and customer care are best handled in-house. However, in recent years, this notion has been dispelled as many organizations have started outsourcing their logistics and distribution, transportation, and customer care operations to specialized companies. By doing so, they can focus their energies on their unique selling propositions (USPs). This approach enables the organizations to think freely and innovatively about growth and new product development, rather than wasting time and resources on these secondary functions. As an outsourcing service desk provider, we understand the value of streamlining operations and allowing businesses to concentrate on their core competencies, ultimately driving efficiency and fostering innovation.

The 3 main reasons for losing current customers are:

  • Unresolved complaints
  • Competitive pricing
  • Better offers from competitors
  • Lack of customer care

Any organization wanting to maintain excellent customer relations must always be tuned in to customers’ needs. As the markets are in a state of flux, one needs to have a consistent and committed approach to consumer care.
Outsourcing customer care to an expertly competent and dedicated call center in India is a great option and that is the path that many global companies are taking.

Saving Of Resources

Customer support can be a tiring, exhausting, and resource-guzzling job if your employees are not efficiently trained for it. Outsourcing customer support ensures that highly qualified professionals and skilled customer care executives will look after this important function of the organization that has a direct bearing on your balance sheets and saves costs as well.

Cultural Sensitivity

Call center employees in India are culturally sensitized to the minutest details of the American culture and having lived in a diverse cultural community, Indians are best suited to handle the different kinds of customers. India’s large pool of talented young people who are fluent in English and trained in accent and culture are the best bet for this job. Today’s customer care call centers are state-of-the-art in their design and infrastructure and provide a host of services like:

  • Telemarketing
  • Customer support
  • Order taking and refunds
  • Product support
  • Payments and receipts
  • Market research about consumer behavior and
  • Technical product support

All these functions when outsourced to Indian call centers begin to thrive and get the importance they deserve, which a large organization cannot exclusively give each and every customer.


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