Email Support Outsourcing To India

Email Support Outsourcing

Most companies now realize the importance of Email support outsourcing as these have become an integral part of every business. Email support services help the customers to be in touch with you. It allows businesses to get real feedback from the ‘actual’ users of the product and it keeps the clients informed about the company’s new products, launches, and various promotional schemes. Basically, it helps in the “crucial dissipation of information” about your businesses and products and increases the company’s outreach!

More and more U.S and U.K companies are now going in for email support outsourcing to countries like India to save on expenses and focus on the growth and development of their marketing plans!

Contracting email support services help answer customer queries promptly, improve customer relationships, and enhance product loyalty.

Why does it help?

  1. To begin with, email is an inexpensive way of keeping in touch, so it is very cost-friendly!
  2. It has the added advantage of being sent anytime from anywhere; such that the recipient does not know whether it is sent from a call center in India or from the company in the US.
  3. Emails can be just as personal or impersonal as you want them to be and do not intrude upon the customer in any way.

These advantages make email services an ideal way of customer outreach and offshoring this; brings in further advantages through cost savings.

The Indian edge

Contracting your company’s email support services to India can help unload a huge burden on your in-house staff to continuously send replies and keep a track of all customer feedback and complaints or simply spend hours maintaining the huge database of the e-mail ids.

At the service provider’s process delivery center large quantity of emails can be handled with ease, and very effectively. Apart from simply answering back e-mails received, E-mail service providers also maintain a record of all the e-mails received, keep a track of follow-up emails, create and update a knowledge base of all the clients and ensure that all customers receive fast and accurate replies to their problems.

India outsourcing with its huge base of technically sound professionals, well versed in written English communication and filled with their culture of politeness is able to give the most efficient responses to customers’ queries and take your customer relationship to the next level.

The various fields of email support outsourcing

Most companies are aware of the emails written in response to customer queries or complaints. But, e-mail support services can have many other functions like:

  • Emails related to billing queries
  • Emails regarding products
  • Mails about after-sales queries,
  • E-mails soliciting new product information

Service-related e-mails

  • Product or services complaints e-mails
  • Feedback generating mails
  • Up-selling and cross-selling products and information dissipating e-mails

Choosing the right call center outsourcing services partner is very important to maintain the quality of the email services. Fast and efficient replies that provide the customers with the right solution are absolutely valuable to the maintenance of a good customer relationships between the company and its clients.


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