Help Your Call Center Reps Build Rapport With Customers

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When you have an outsourced call center, establishing a strong rapport with your customers is important. Whether your agents are selling a service, offering tech support, or handling a customer service issue, a rapport helps improve the level of satisfaction and assures the customer the company values their patronage. If you offshore your call center processes, you can help them establish a rapport with your market.

Life Doesn’t Follow A Script

Scripts act as guidelines for call center agents, but people can’t follow the script as though it was written in stone. If your partner company doesn’t let its employees veer off the scripts then they will not be able to handle customer issues properly. Individuals who call in will be able to tell if the agent is following a script and that they are thrown when they have to answer questions that aren’t routine. This will make individuals doubt that the company can train its employees properly and may question the business’ ability to create quality products and services.

If you want customers to feel as though your organization is capable of offering superior customer service then call center agents to need to be able to handle every contact without relying on a script. Whether your call center is in-house or offshored, training is essential.

Real-Life Experience – Create a Rapport

Firsthand experience with a company’s products and services is the best way to train service agents. Let them play with the product so that they can learn all the ins and outs of the different features. The more experience a person has with the company’s offerings, the better they will be able to discuss these products with customers and prospects.

The ability to work off firsthand knowledge will convey confidence and experience to the customers on the phone. The agents will be able to pinpoint the issues the customer has faster and give real-life solutions to help the people use the products better.

Everyone Must Contribute (Rapport building)

All members of the company should contribute when creating training for your call center company. Sales staff, engineers, and manufacturing supervisors will have valuable insight into the product to help customer service agents learn important details about the product. This insight can go into scripts, service scenarios, and FAQs for agents to use when they work with customers. The more information your company can offer, the better qualified your agents will become.

Running through potential scenarios where the call center agents are the customers and your employees play the role of customer service staff is also beneficial. This will help the agents see how your company would handle service issues and will help your employees understand the information needed to help customers.

An Evolutionary Process

Training call center staff should be an evolutionary process. After initial training is offered you should confer with the company on a routine basis to learn how well agents are helping customers. Encourage the call center to keep track of issues that arise with customers that agents weren’t trained to handle. Then hold additional meetings to help the call center overcome these problems for customers.

Ask the call center for reports on first call resolution and conduct surveys of your customer base to determine how consumers feel about the call center. If you discover problems or dissatisfaction from your customers, meet with the call center to learn how you can help improve the quality of service.

When partnering with an outsourced IT service desk provider to handle customer service processes, it is important to recognize that their success in delivering superior service to your customers relies on your collaboration. By working closely with your chosen call center, you can provide necessary training and additional support to empower call center agents in building strong rapport with customers and delivering valuable advice to your target market. This collaborative approach ensures a seamless customer experience and fosters a fruitful partnership with your outsourced IT service desk provider.


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