Help Employees Create a Positive Work and Life Balance

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Employees who are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance perform better and are less likely to leave your company. Yet in recent surveys of 23 countries, the US came in dead last. The country also ranks low in the areas of relaxation time and high for hours worked per week. Here are some ways that you can beat the averages and offer your employees opportunities for a positive work-life balance.

Encourage Personal Time For Positive Work

Employees need to take vacations, sick days and family leave for important situations. When they are able to relax they are able to focus on work when they return. And if employees stay home when they are sick your business can prevent the spread of illnesses that can impact your organization.

If workers come in when they aren’t feeling well they won’t be working at their best and can make mistakes. They can also infect others, forcing them to take time off from positive work. If your company doesn’t offer sick time or make it difficult for employees to take vacation days then you may be hurting production, not helping it.

When you offer parental leave for maternity, adoption, and the birth of children then you provide them the opportunity to get the new additions settled and a routine established. If new parents are exhausted, stressed, or preoccupied at work they won’t be able to handle their duties efficiently.

Create Positive Work Schedules

Employees should try to schedule appointments and other activities after work hours, but sometimes it can’t be helped. If you allow workers to leave work for a few hours to handle personal issues you can increase effectiveness by over 20%.

Flextime, the ability to work from home, and split positions are different ways to ensure that people can handle professional and personal responsibilities. This helps employees concentrate on their job when they are at work and lowers attrition rates.

Showing employees that you are a family-friendly positive workplace will encourage loyalty and attracts the best-qualified candidates. And your company benefits from improved efficiency from calm, focused workers.

Too Much Of A Good Thing

Not all companies can offer telecommuting opportunities to your employees. If you run a call center or hand sensitive information you may not want your workers to bring their work home with them. If you allow employees to take time off during their shift you need to ensure they make up at that time at a later date. And there are some employees who take advantage of sick days and vacation time.

So the solutions offered here aren’t’ a good fit for all businesses. Your company needs to take a look at your employees, processes, and industry to determine which solution is best for you. Creating a work-life balance for your organization may take some trial and error but it can work. Communicate with your stakeholders, create some solutions and then test them before you create new policies. This will help you organize and your workers institute a healthy work-life balance.

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